After months of planning, saving, researching, preparing and waiting, my husband and I finally made it to Kauai. The trip was meant to be a 10 year anniversary celebration, but our baby was born two months before that and so we postponed our trip for a year. So technically, we celebrated our 11 year anniversary with a trip to Kauai. Instead of my normal month in numbers recap post, this one is dedicated to our Kauai trip!

6813 – Miles flown. When we bought our tickets to Kauai back in March, we basically picked the cheapest flights we could find. This meant that our flight from Salt Lake City was pretty good. We only had one 45 minute layover in Portland on the way there. But on the way back we had to do an overnight layover in San Diego which made getting home take so much longer. All things considered, the miles we traveled were well worth the trip!

608 – Pictures and videos taken. This number is actually not quite accurate because it doesn’t even count the pictures and videos my husband took on his phone and the GoPro. If you’ve been to Kauai, you know why we took so many pictures! Everywhere you go, there’s something beautiful to look at, yummy food to eat and adventures to be had.

60 – Minutes spent in a helicopter. The number one thing my husband and I wanted to do on our trip to Kauai was go on an open door helicopter ride. It was seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and an hour passed by so quickly! Kauai is so diverse and being in a helicopter allowed us to see so many amazing things that you simply can’t see in any other way. You can read my full review on our doors off helicopter ride here.

9 – Gallons of gas used. Yes, you read that right. We only used 9 gallons of gas during our entire time on the island! We rented a car and ended up with a little Prius which worked great for just the two of us. Even though we went all over the island, when we went to fill up the tank before returning the car, it stopped at 9 gallons. Crazy!

8480 – Feet ziplined. My husband and I wanted to go ziplining through the jungle of Kauai on our trip and we are so glad we went with Koloa Zipline! They have a total of 8 zip lines, with the longest one being 1/2 mile long (the longest on the island). Here’s a full review of our zipline tour but just know that it was well worth the time and money spent.

6 – Shave ice eaten. I feel like this number should have been a lot higher, but the truth is, the best shave ice we had on the island (from Hee Fat General Store) was kind of far away from our hotel so we didn’t make it up that way again. But if we’d been closer, I definitely think we would have gone back every night for a different flavor. (You can check out a whole post I put together about where to eat (and not eat) on Kauai!)

46,518,431,831 – Grains of sand stuck in my swimsuit. Confession: I just randomly typed a bunch of numbers on my keyboard and this is the number I ended up with. *wink* But seriously. So. Much. Sand. We stayed in the Sheraton on the South Shore which has a beach on the property so we could play in the ocean any time we wanted. My husband and I had so much fun body surfing and getting knocked over and just being ridiculous together. Thank goodness for the showers they have on the beach so we could *try* to rinse off.

30 – Minutes spent underwater Snuba diving. As a senior in high school, I went on a cruise with my family. One of the stops was Cozumel, Mexico and our excursion was Snuba diving. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s like a cross between snorkeling and SCUBA diving. You wear googles like you would for snorkeling, but you breath through a mouth apparatus that is connected to an oxygen tank through a tube. The tank is attached to a small float on top of the water. My husband and I got a chance to go for a 30 minute dive just off the shore of Poipu Beach and got to see a sea turtle, fish, sea urchins, starfish and sea cucumbers.

7 – Beaches visited. There are so many different beaches on Kauai! Each one we visited was different and we loved seeing the variety. Our favorite beach was Kahili Beach on the North Shore which is how you get to the Pools of Mokolea. The Kiahuna Beach (aka Sheraton Beach) comes in second.

11 – Years married. There’s a country song that always gets me crying every single time I hear it. It’s called “Then” by Brad Paisley and it’s basically about how as you move through life with your spouse, each time you hit something big you think you couldn’t love the person any more than you do. But the love just keeps growing and getting bigger. That’s how I feel about my husband. We have gone through so much together and there is no one else I’d rather do life with than him. Eleven years seems both long and short, but I definitely can’t wait for the next eleven!

My husband and I loved our time in Kauai and hope to go back one day with our kids. We did so many fun things while we were there, but there is so much we didn’t get to do.

Have you been to Kauai, or are you planning to go?


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