Learning to look for the things we have in common with each other, as opposed to our differences, is an important skill to develop.  I call it a skill because I believe it’s something that we learn from others how to do.  While I grew up in Utah where there isn’t as much diversity as other places, I did have the opportunity to move around a lot and meet many wonderful people from all different backgrounds and beliefs.  In my home, we were raised to believe that we shouldn’t be unkind to a person simply because they were different from us, and this is a lesson my husband and I teach our children as well.  This month, the Kids Night In Box had a theme of common bonds which was all about how we can find commonalities regardless of where we are from.

Our kids love getting their monthly subscription box from Kids Night In!

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If you’ve read my other Kids Night In Box reviews, you know that each box comes with a book that the rest of the activities are based around.  This month, the book is Whoever You Are by Mem Fox.  In the book, it recognizes that yes, there are differences between where people live, or what they eat, or even their schools, but that we all share the same emotions: love, pain and joy.  In a note about the book, the author explains that we need to “teach [our children] about the similarities between the peoples of the world, not the differences.”  I think she did a great job in sharing her message.

Next, we played a game with the inflatable globe that was included in our box.  I showed my kids some of the places we’ve been, where family lives, places we want to visit and so on.  Then I had my kids toss the ball to each other and wherever their right hand landed when they caught it, we would talk about it.  To go along with the inflatable globe activity, we listened to the Spotify mix on the Kids Night In website so the kids could get a taste of what music sounds like in other countries.  They aren’t old enough to know the names of many countries but they liked listening and then looking on the globe to see where it was in relation to us.

Our kids love getting their monthly subscription box from Kids Night In!

After this, they played a board game called Around the World.  It is based off of Candyland so it was very easy for them to understand how to play.

While they played, I made an extra copy of the Pen Pal worksheet on my printer, since we only received one in the box and both my kids wanted to participate.  A unique aspect of this month’s box is the ability to fill out the Pen Pal worksheet, mail it back to headquarters and they will then forward it onto another child who also receives Kids Night In Boxes.  The Pen Pal worksheet has some basic get to know you questions, a map to color in the state where they live and a place to draw a picture of your house and family.  My kids are excited to send theirs in and receive something in return!

Lastly, they enjoyed their snack, which was a chocolate chip granola bar from a company called This Bar Saves Lives.  It was started by actress Kristen Bell (Frozen, anyone?) who wanted to help kids who are malnourished receive the nutrition they need.  For every bar purchased, they give food to kids who need it to help them grow and be strong.

Something I love about the Kids Night In Boxes is that the entire box only takes about an hour to do.  It’s a perfect amount of time because it keeps their attention, plus it’s a great way to spend time with my kids learning something new, laughing together and making memories.

If you’d like to try your own Kids Night In Box for your own kids, grandkids or friends, you can sign up HERE!  (You can also see previous examples of Kids Night In Boxes we’ve received HERE.)  As an added bonus, you can get 15% off all subscriptions plans (up to $75 value) until November 13, 2018 using the code FALLINLOVE18.  This would make a great gift for kids or grandkids as you start doing your Christmas shopping!


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