3 Tips for Getting Out of the House Easier with Young Kids

Get out of the house easier with your young kids by following these 3 helpful tips!

Getting out of the house with young kids can be so hard, but these 3 tips make it so much easier.

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UPDATE: 4/4/2022

When you have a larger gap in your kids ages, going out of the house, especially for an extended period of time, can be challenging.  We have a four year gap between our 5 month old and our next oldest child which means we need to bring different things with us when we leave the house.  So I’m sharing 3 tips to make getting out of the house with young kids easier.

Prep Your Kids

At the beginning of every day, I tell my kids what we have going on that day.  I’ve found that when I prep them ahead of time, they don’t push back (as hard) when I say it’s time to get ready to go or to move on to something we need to get done.  My kids definitely thrive on schedules and routines so I will tell them things like, “Today you have dance class after school.” or “You have online preschool after lunch.”  They are cues for how the day is going to go and it also helps them learn to understand the passage of time.

Getting out of the house with young kids can be so hard, but these 3 tips make it so much easier.

Bring the Right Gear

After a couple of years where we haven’t had to worry about bringing a stroller with us on outings, I had to shift to remembering to bring it with us, especially when we are going to be out of the house for a long time.  I’ve been so grateful for our Ergo Baby 180 Reversible Stroller!  With two kids who are older and don’t need a stroller, plus a baby, it helps us carry everything we need for a day out of the house.  This summer we’ve used it quite often whether it’s going to the mall, for a walk around the neighborhood, to a local theme park and even the beach.

Getting out of the house with young kids can be so hard, but these 3 tips make it so much easier.

What makes the Ergo Baby 180 Reversible Stroller different from other strollers?

  • The large basket in the bottom easily holds jackets and sweatshirts, a small cooler, water bottles and towels.
  • The giant sunshade and reclining seat have been huge lifesavers when we have been out of the house and our baby needs to nap.
  • My husband’s favorite feature is the adjustable handle.  He is over 6 feet tall and the other strollers we’ve owned are uncomfortable for him to push because he has to bend over.  It’s so easy to do and I can quickly change it to a comfortable height for me when I’m pushing it.
  • It is easy to fold (you literally just pull a strap on the seat and it folds up).
  • The 180 feature allows you to move the handlebars to the opposite side of the stroller so you can either have your baby facing you or facing out.
  • The stroller is super lightweight, plus it is so easy to push!  Even when we had it completely loaded up with stuff from our day at the beach, we could still push it without a struggle.
Getting out of the house with young kids can be so hard, but these 3 tips make it so much easier.

Get As Much Ready Ahead of Time As Possible

Something I started doing recently that has been a huge help in getting out of the house more easily is getting as much ready as possible ahead of time.  For example, my daughter picks out her clothes for the next day before she goes to bed at night.  It is one less decision she has to make in the morning because it’s already done.  We also prepare lunches the night before and put backpacks, shoes and jackets next to the door so we know exactly where they are when it’s time to leave.  There are days when I have to go somewhere as soon as my daughter is out the door to catch the bus. So I make it easier on myself by keeping my diaper bag in the same place so I know it’s there when I need to grab it and go with my other two kids.

Getting out of the house with young kids can be so hard, but these 3 tips make it so much easier.

I’d love to hear your tips for getting out of the house easier with young children!


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  1. Great tips, I always struggle with getting out of the house with my crew. My biggest tip would be planning to leave 30 minutes earlier than I actually have to, no joke. I have found I’m usually running about 15-30 minutes late so I just tell myself I have to be somewhere 15-30 minutes sooner than I really do!

  2. These are all such great trips! I try to prep my oldest early and often when we have plans out of the house. It is really helpful! This stroller looks awesome. I really love a big storage area underneath – we walk to the grocery store now and then and it’s nice to be able to put things underneath!

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