Winter 2017 Walmart Beauty Box Review--Is it worth $5?

*I am reviewing this box by choice and have not received it for free, nor have I received any other compensation from Walmart.  All opinions are my own.*

Before I start today’s post, I just have to take a moment and say thank you for the overwhelming response I received to sharing my miscarriage story.  I received so many texts, Facebook messages, post comments and phone calls from people expressing their sadness at what I’ve been facing and their love for me and my family.  But in addition to this, I also heard from many women who have had miscarriages and said that reading my story gave them feelings of hope and encouragement.  At the risk of sounding cliche, knowing that I was able to help at least one person feel like they aren’t alone in their struggles makes it feel worth it.  I am hopeful for the future.

Today I am doing a review of the Winter 2017 Walmart Beauty Box.  I actually received it a couple of weeks ago, but due to circumstances outside my control (see above), I haven’t had time to adequately review enough of the products until this week.  (I’ve also done reviews on the products in the Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 Beauty Boxes.)

What is the Walmart Beauty Box?

For $5, you receive one beauty box every three months filled with various beauty items ranging from full size to travel size to sample size.  You can cancel the subscription at any time.

I’ve had my subscription for two years and I’ve enjoyed the items enough not to cancel.  Some boxes are better than others, but the items that I’ve received have been worth more than the $5 it costs for the box itself.  It’s fun to get a little surprise in the mail every few months and I can totally see the appeal of other monthly/quarterly subscription boxes.

Here’s what I got this time around:

Winter 2017 Walmart Beauty Box Review--Is it worth $5?
  • Tressemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo (travel size)
  • Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer (travel size)
  • Garnier Whole Blends Refreshing Shampoo/Conditioner (single use)
  • Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream (travel size)
  • L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream (single use)
  • Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Body Lotion (travel size)
  • Dove Morrocan Argan Body Wash (travel size)
  • AMLA Legend 10-in-1 Blow Out Elixer (single use)

My Review:

  • Tressemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo–In the Fall 2016 beauty box, I received a travel size can of Batiste dry shampoo.  I really liked it and have used it over the last few months as needed.  I was a little surprised that they included another dry shampoo in this month’s box but it doesn’t hurt to have some on hand when the Batiste runs out.  I’ve used this one only once since I got it and it seemed to do a pretty good job of giving my hair volume and decreasing the greasy look.  I liked the smell too.
    • Would I recommend it: YES
  • Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturize–In the Summer 2016 beauty box, I received a single use sample of Nivea’s In-Shower body lotion.  There was only enough for one use, but it did seem to moisturize my skin really well which surprised me.  With it being winter, dry skin is a problem so I was curious to see how the Curel in shower body lotion would measure up.  I like that they gave me a travel size and I’ve used it a couple of times since receiving it.  One thing I like better about the Curel is that I didn’t have to rinse it off after applying where the Nivea I had to take the extra step of rinsing.  To see if it would moisturize my skin, I didn’t apply any lotion after my shower.  The next day, my skin didn’t feel dry or itchy so I think the lotion did it’s job.
    • Would I recommend it: YES, although I preferred the smell of the Nivea lotion
  • Garnier Whole Blends Refreshing Shampoo/Conditioner–I’ve purchased and used Garnier shampoo and conditioner before, but not this exact one.  Supposedly this formula helps your hair be more shiny, but unfortunately it’s only a single use sample so it would be hard to know if it helps with this in the long run unless you buy the full size.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but the Green Apple & Green Tea scent should smell pretty good.
    • Would I recommend it: UNDECIDED
  • Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream–All day long, I am washing my hands for one reason or another, so they tend to get really dry, especially in the winter.  The other night after washing the dishes, I put on a little Bath and Body Works lotion I had in the kitchen, but it did nothing for me.  I remembered the hand cream from the beauty box and put a little on my hands.  It absorbed really well without any residue and immediately my hands started feeling better.  The next day, my hands still felt moisturized.  I was pretty impressed.
    • Would I recommend it: YES
  • L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream–As I get older, my skin just doesn’t quite recover the way it used to from the sun or wind or dry air so using something that would help renew my skin sounds great.  There are two sample size packets: Golden Serum and Day Cream.  There aren’t any instructions on the little card to tell me what order I should apply them or anything.  I’m guessing I could probably get a couple of uses out of each packet, but I doubt that will be enough to really tell a difference.  I will update once I’ve tried it out though.
    • Would I recommend it: UNDECIDED
  • Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Body Lotion–I’ll be totally honest: I hate the smell of anything from Burt’s Bees that I’ve tried, so this sample is useless to me personally because I know I will never use it.  I will probably give it to my husband to keep in his car or at work so he has something for when his hands get dry and doesn’t smell girly.
    • Would I recommend it: NO
  • Dove Morrocan Argan Body Wash–Apparently Walmart likes to send out a Dove body wash with every beauty box because I’ve received one in the Summer 2016, Fall 2016 and now the Winter 2017 box.  I’ve used this body wash a couple of times and like the smell, but don’t think that it does anything special for my skin compared to what I’m currently using (Olay).
    • Would I recommend it: YES
  • AMLA Legend 10-in-1 Blow Out Elixer–I’ve never heard of this brand before so I have nothing to go off of besides what it says on the packet.  I’ve used other brands of heat protection hair lotions and I do think they help.  I haven’t tried this one out yet, but I’m hoping it will give my poor winter hair a little boost and seal in some moisture.
    • Would I recommend it: UNDECIDED

Well there you have it!  I hope my little review was helpful to you.  If you want to find out more about the Walmart Beauty box, go HERE.  You can sign up and check out the FAQ.  Since the Winter Beauty Box has already shipped out, you would receive the Spring Beauty Box next if you choose to sign up.

Have you signed up for other beauty boxes?  What is your favorite/least favorite? 


  1. I have not heard of the Walmart Beauty Box before but the price is certainly right! Thanks for the review and the info. I think I might enjoy trying this one.

  2. I did not know that Walmart had a beauty box. You got some great products it seems. I get Ipsy & Play! by Sephora and there are some good boxes and just some okay ones.

  3. I love your honest review of the products. I get Birchbox every month, it's like a little treat for myself. Every few months I get a new mascara in the box – I haven't bought mascara in years! It's amazing! It's so nice to try out products without having spent the money on the full sized ones.

  4. I had no idea walmart had a beauty box. I have to agree with you on the burts bee stuff. I got the whole collection for my kids and it smells horrible!

  5. You can't beat $5! Some boxes are definitely better than others, but I always find at least one product that I really like in each one. Plus, you can always cancel if you don't like it.

  6. I think that's how it is with pretty much any subscription box you get, no matter the product. I've thought about trying out other boxes. Do you have one you prefer?

  7. Exactly how I feel Sarah! I've thought about trying Birchbox. Maybe I'll have to take a look at it again. I hate having to buy mascara for full price.

  8. LOL, so funny that you say that Kristen because I got a gift set of the lotion and shampoo for my first child and just pulled it out the other day (after having it for 5 years) and it smells just as bad as it did when I got it, haha!

  9. Dry shampoo has been a game changer for me on those days that my hair just needs a little pick-me-up. I used some just yesterday and it gave my hair new life.

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