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Valentine’s Kids Jokes Decoding Activity

These Valentine’s kids jokes are a great activity that will have everyone giggling!

I love coming up with fun holiday themed activities for my kids. One of their favorites are the joke decoding activities. With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, it’s the perfect time to share this post with you so your kids can enjoy figuring out the jokes too!

If you have more than one child who will be working on solving the jokes, I recommend the following to help prevent any fights that may or may not break out due to kids looking at each others papers: *wink*

  • Have them sit in different areas of the room or on opposite ends of the table.
  • Give them only one joke + the legend and have them work together to solve it.
  • Print off multiple copies of the legend/last page and give them each one legend and a joke so they aren’t all trying to solve the same jokes. Then they can tell them to each other!

There are 3 jokes and each one is separated by a line. To print off your copy, you simply need to enter your email below and it will be sent to you as an easy to print PDF file.


You can find the answer to each Valentine’s decoding activity below:

Joke 1: What do you call two birds in love? Tweethearts

Joke 2: What did the refrigerator say to the magnet? I find you very attractive

Joke 3: What did one light bulb say to the other? I love you watts and watts

If you don’t have time to print these off and let the kids figure out the jokes on their own, you could also just include one of the jokes with their lunch or tell them sometime during the day! This is a fun way to incorporate a little Valentine’s fun for your kids.

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