Come see the new look and feel of Sunshine & Munchkins!

Aaahhh!  I am SO excited!  I have seriously been anticipating this day for months.  What day is that?, you might ask.  It’s the day I get to show you my whole new look for Sunshine and Munchkins!

In the spring of this year, I started asking around for recommendations for a graphic designer.  A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Miss Audrey Sue (Blog, Portfolio, Instagram, Facebook) and after looking around her site, I was sold.  I mean, I literally would have handed her my money right then if she’d been standing in front of me.  Unfortunately for me, Audrey had some prior commitments with other clients and wasn’t able to start working on my new design until August.  Ugh.  That was 3 months away!  So I waited and I thought and I organized my ideas so that when Audrey let me know she was ready to start, I was ready with everything she needed to get right on it.  She was an absolutely amazing lady to work with and I am thrilled with how everything turned out.  If you need any graphic design work done, make sure to check her out.  (Although, she is having a baby next month and will be out of commission for a little bit.  But she’s definitely worth waiting for!)

So on to the new changes!

If you’ve been around for a little while, you should have noticed some big changes in the way my blog looks.  I’ve got a new logo, new layout and new colors, just to mention a few.  I’ve got a fancy new menu with images instead of just a drop down.  (Go ahead and mouse over one of the topics above to see!)  But the thing I love the most about my new look is that it is so ME.  The colors are bright and happy.  It’s organized and logical.  I look at it and smile.

Another thing that was really important to me during this whole process was YOU!  When you come to Sunshine and Munchkins, I want you to feel happy, uplifted and motivated.  If you see a recipe or tutorial, my goal is to help you feel like you can do something you’ve never done before through my step-by-step instructions.  If you’re feeling down, hopefully coming to my blog brings you a little bit of joy.  As much as I love blogging and sharing all this, it would be pointless without you.  So thank you!  Thank you for reading my posts and commenting and sharing them.  It means more than you can imagine.

So please–grab yourself a snack or a drink and check out Sunshine and Munchkins.  If you’d like to read a little more about me and my family, click on the New? Start Here! link at the top of the page.  And if you like what you see around here, feel free to follow me on social media (in the upper right hand corner) or sign up for my newsletter.  Again, thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to see you around!

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