I’ve put together a list of fun items that we actually already own that would be perfect as stocking stuffers, plus everything is $10 or less!   Along with each idea, you can read about why we like them and recommend them for your family.

So many fun stocking stuffer ideas that are all $10 and under! My kids have all of these and they are tried and true gifts. Includes a review about why we love each one! For boys and girls ages 3-8.

Growing up, the first thing we did on Christmas morning (besides waking each other up) was grab our stockings from the front room and go into my parent’s room to open them up and see what was inside.  A few things were the same every year–an orange in the toe plus some assorted nuts for cracking later on–but everything else was a surprise.  While my husband and I have opted not to do stockings as part of our family’s Christmas, that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about what I’d put in my own kids stockings if we did.  *wink*

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Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish

My daughter loves nail polish and the color changing kind from Del Sol is so fun!  They have 35+ colors to choose from ranging from shimmer to confetti to matte finish.  I’ll admit that I love it too!  You’re never too old for color changing nail polish, amiright?

Del Sol color changing nail polish is fun for all ages!

Del Sol Color Changing Sunglasses

For my son, the color changing sunglasses from Del Sol are a great choice.  They also have adult sizing and styles so you don’t feel left out.  *wink*

Del Sol color changing sun glasses come in kid, women and men sizing and styles!

Mini Rainbow Scratch Art pages

Do you remember coloring random patterns on a piece of paper in elementary school and then covering it with a layer of black crayon so you could scratch out words or pictures?  It was so cool, but also a lot of work.  I found this fun set of mini rainbow scratch art pages from Melissa and Doug and my kids have had a lot of fun with them both by drawing pictures and writing notes.

Melissa and Doug Rainbow Scratch Art

Dot to Dot books

Both of my kids are super into dot to dot books right now, but they are old enough that the simple ones found in activity books aren’t very fun.  I recently bought an animal dot to dot book for my son and a unicorn dot to dot/activity book for my daughter that they’ve been really happy with.

Dot to dot book that counts up to 100. Great for older kids.

Melissa and Doug Water Pen Activity Books

I actually had never heard of or seen these until a couple of years ago when they were given to us as a gift but they are seriously genius!  The fact that you use water to paint the pages means less mess, plus you can reuse the pages again and again because the design disappears as the page dries.  They are a lot of different styles available, including under the sea, vehicles, animals and fairies.

Melissa and Doug Water Wow Activity Books


My daughter is a little obsessed lately with all things miniature so Shopkins are right up her alley.  She loves being surprised when she opens up a package and then marking off which ones she received.  Something I didn’t know when she first started collecting them is that there are different seasons/groups, so there are literally 100s of these little collectibles.  (If your daughter likes Shopkins too, you could also couple this gift with a little display case as a gift from Santa or another member of the family.)

Shopkins make a fun gift for little girls who love miniature things!

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

While the big Hatchimals are still a popular gift, they can be a bit pricey.  When I started looking around for less expensive options, I found that they also have mini Hatchimals called CollEGGtibles.  Like the Shopkins, there are different seasons/groups to collect that are a lot less expensive than the bigger toys.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are a lot less expensive than the popular larger Hatchimals.

Mini Transformers

Not to be left out of the mini toys, my son has really liked these smaller transformers.  He is four, almost five, and they are great for his age because they don’t have nearly as many steps to the transformation process which means he can do most of it himself.

These smaller Transformers are great for younger kids because they don't have as many steps in the transformation process.

Shrinky Dinks

The ladies who came up with Shrinky Dinks are genius because it’s one of those toys that is still around even after 45 years.  You can either buy plain clear paper to create your own designs or you can buy the pre-made kits like the vehicles or mermaids.  We’ve done both and had fun making and coloring them together and then watching them shrink in the oven.

Shrinky Dinks are so fun to create and watch shrink in the oven.

Mini Light Box

A popular home decor item, light boxes are a fun way to add little personality to a space.  My daughter got  mini light box from Target (similar) a couple of weeks ago and really likes changing out the phrases or adding little emojis.  The only thing I wish the kit came with was more letters/numbers/symbols.

Mini light boxes are a fun way to personalize a room without taking up a lot of space.

Mini Notebook and Pen

Last year for Christmas, we gave my daughter a small spiral bound notebook and some Gelly Roll pens and it is still one of her favorite things to use.  It’s nice and portable, plus she can draw or write in it whenever she wants.  Another option would be to make this mod podge notebook that I shared a tutorial on a couple of years ago.  I’ve seen mini composition books at the dollar store that would be so cute, fun and easy to customize.

Smaller notebooks are great for doodling or writing notes.Gelly Roll pens are so smooth and fun to write with!


  • People/Minifigures  When we bought an assorted set of Legos a few months ago, my husband threw some little Lego people into our cart as well.  We have everything from the Statue of Liberty to an explorer to a firefighter.  It definitely makes playing with Legos a little more fun!
  • Small Lego Sets  Both my kids love having smaller sets of Legos to play with that have instructions on how to build it.  My daughter loves all of the Lego Friends sets and my son really likes this assorted set and the race car set.

Lego Friends mini sets are great for girls.

Build a cool race car with this mini Lego set

And there you have it!  I hope you found some fun and unique ideas to stuff your kids stockings with this Christmas!


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  1. These are amazing gifts for kiddos! Great ideas to remember when I have children. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love this list. I found you as I was searching “Stocking Stuffers” on Bloglovin’. I will have to check out more of your posts. You seem super sweet.

  3. Some great ideas! I bought my daughter a hatchimal and honestly have no idea what it is! lol… just kept seeing them around so I am glad you recommend it!

    • Shani Ogden Reply

      Happy to help! I hope your daughter liked her Hatchimal.

  4. These are such awesome ideas! I always struggle with stocking stuffer ideas!

    • Shani Ogden Reply

      Hatchimals are fun, but they can get expensive! That’s why I like the mini ones.

    • Shani Ogden Reply

      Our whole family loves playing with Legos! There’s something kind of relaxing about it, haha.

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