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Relationship Status {FREE} Valentine’s SVG

Share your relationship status with tacos this Valentine’s Day with a FREE Valentine’s SVG file! Plus grab 12 other free cut files!

Share your relationship status with tacos this Valentine's Day with a FREE Valentine's SVG file!  Plus grab 12 other free cut files!

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When Valentine’s Day rolls around, the question of your relationship status might come up. Don’t want to share yours? Use this fun (and funny) SVG file to create a shirt for yourself claiming your relationship with tacos.

I made this design with the idea of making a shirt. As I searched through my stash of heat transfer vinyl (HTV) I found a roll of metallic gold that I had forgotten about. It was the perfect color to use for the heart and the word ‘tacos’. Have you ever used metallic HTV? This was my first time, and I foresee many more projects with it in the future.

Supplies Needed to Make Your Relationship Status Shirt

How to get your FREE Valentine’s Day Relationship Status SVG File

You can download the FREE “Relationship Status” SVG file by entering your name and email below. You will then receive the file in a separate email which you can then download onto your computer or directly into your cutting machine software.


Share your relationship status with tacos this Valentine's Day with a FREE Valentine's SVG file!  Plus grab 12 other free cut files!

Tips for Working with Metallic HTV

Just like with any new HTV, having the right settings is important for the success of your project. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you:

Mirror Your Design – When you’re working with HTV, it’s important to flip/mirror your design. When I choose my material type in my Silhouette Studio software, a box pops up asking if I want to to flip it or leave it as is. It’s a good reminder for me to double check that it’s been flipped or to select the ‘flip’ option if I forgot. (No one likes to waste HTV on an avoidable mistake.)

Metallic Side Face Down – If you’ve worked with HTV before, you know that the carrier sheet is shiny and that is the side you should put face down on your cutting mat. For metallic HTV, the easiest way to know which side is the carrier sheet is to put it metallic side down.

Blade Settings – When I select Metallic HTV from the list of materials in my Silhouette Studio, it automatically chooses the correct cut settings. They are Blade (2), Speed (8) and Thickness (6).

Heat Setting: Wool/Linen – I don’t currently own a heat press, so I use an iron for my heat transfer designs. If this is also the case for you, be sure to switch to the wool/linen setting which is a lower heat than is used for other HTV (such as smooth or flocked).

Cold Peel – You will need to wait until the vinyl has cooled before trying to remove the carrier sheet. If you peel it before it’s cooled, it can leave marks or lines on your vinyl design.

Layering – Metallic HTV can only be used as the top layer. Do not try to layer other HTV on top of it.

I had fun coming up with this free Valentine’s SVG design and hope you love it too! Be sure to check out the other free SVG files from my talented friends below.

Share your relationship status with tacos this Valentine's Day with a FREE Valentine's SVG file!  Plus grab 12 other free cut files!

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