At the beginning of this year, I did something I haven’t done before: I put out a reader survey.  While I would have loved to receive a few more responses, I’m so grateful for those of you who did respond and gave your feedback.  I always find the results of a survey interesting so I thought I’d share them with you, including how I plan on using them in the upcoming year!

How old are you?

Everyone that filled out the survey were between the ages of 26-32, with a little over half being 30-31.  This makes sense to me since many of the topics I address apply to those ages, but I think it’s safe to say that I have readers that are both younger and older than this.

What is your gender?

100% female, haha!  I’m not really surprised on this one.

Are you a blogger yourself or just a reader?

The majority of my audience (YOU!) are readers, which is great!  A small percentage of my readers (according to the survey) are bloggers as well.

How do you usually find out about new posts?

Most of you find out about new posts via Facebook.  The second most popular is Instagram and third is Bloglovin (a blog reader platform).

How often do you read Sunshine & Munchkins?

Almost 3/4 of you read my blog about once a week.  The remaining amount is split between 2-3 times a week and once a month.

How did you find Sunshine & Munchkins?

70% of you found me through Facebook, which makes sense since that is where many of you find out about new posts.  (If you’d like to follow me on Facebook, click HERE.)  The rest is through word of mouth.

How long have you been a reader of Sunshine & Munchkins?

Over 1/2 of you have been with me for 12+ months!  I’ve only been blogging for 16 months so thank you to those of you who have stuck around that long while I figure this whole blogging thing out, haha!  From there, almost 30% have been readers for 6-12 months and about 15% have been around for 4-6 months.

I post 3x per week.  How do you feel about the posting frequency?

Every single person who responded said that they thought this was just right so I’ll just keep on with three times a week.

What are your favorite posts to read about? (select all that apply)

  • Crafts/DIY–57%
  • Recipes–57%
  • Parenting–57%
  • Kid Activities–100%
  • Book/Product Reviews–43%
  • Holidays–43%
  • Marriage/Family–71%

I actually felt pretty good about these responses because it means that I’m talking about things that you like reading about!

What are your least favorite posts to read about? (select all that apply)

  • Crafts/DIY–50%
  • Recipes–25%
  • Parenting–25%
  • Kid Activities–0%
  • Book/Product Reviews–25%
  • Holidays–0%
  • Marriage/Family–0%

So there were a few people who aren’t a fan of a few topics but I suppose that’s how it goes.  I don’t expect you to love everything I post about. *wink*  Everyone has their preferences and that’s okay!

What is one of your all-time favorite posts of mine? (Here are some of the responses I received)

Are you already receiving emails from me?

  • 71.4%–No
  • 14.3%–Yes
  • 14.3%–I’m not sure

Would you be interested in receiving an email with all the posts from the week?

  • 66.7%–No
  • 33.3%–Yes

Is there a topic you’d like to see me write most posts about?

The top responses I got to this question were DIY, recipes and kid activities.

What have you enjoyed most about my blog?

I was overwhelmed with all the kind things you had to say about Sunshine & Munchkins and me!  Many of you mentioned my positivity, as well as the content and style.  It is always my hope that when I post something to my blog that it will help someone in some way.

With this being my first reader survey, I tried not to overwhelm you by having too many questions or open-ended responses but if you feel like it was a little much, please let me know so I can improve as time goes on!  I have a feeling this won’t be the only reader survey I ever send out. *wink*


What can you expect from Sunshine & Munchkins in 2017?

As promised, I’d like to share what I’m going to do with the responses I received from you.

  • I’m going to try and be better at sending out weekly emails to those who are already part of my email list and those who expressed interest in receiving them.  (Want to receive emails?  Sign up HERE.)
  • I’m planning on more recipes, crafts/DIY and family posts (parenting, marriage, kid activities).
  • VIDEOS!  I’m going to be setting up a YouTube account where I will post any videos that I share on my blog.  I’d like to try and incorporate videos more since I know that everyone learns differently and sometimes pictures can only show so much.  Plus, they’re kind fun!  Stay tuned for my first video at the end of this week!

Thank you again for sticking around and joining me in my little part of the internet!  If there’s anything else that you’d like me to know, you are welcome to email me, message me on Facebook, or even fill out the reader survey if you’d like to remain anonymous.  Of course, you can also leave me a comment down below!


  1. Krysta Lynn Reply

    Your plans for your blog sound great! Reader surveys really give you an insight to what your readers want – such a great tool

  2. Absolutely! I hope to get more responses the next time I do one so I can get an even broader idea of what my audience thinks about S&M. 🙂

  3. I loved hearing what people had to say. It was a great confirmation to me about the time that I spend working on it to know that others appreciate it.

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