When used correctly, black home decor pieces are grounding, sophisticated and clean.  Check out my favorite home decor pieces and get inspired to add a little black to your color scheme!

When I was in college, I briefly considered going into interior design.  I took the introductory class and while I enjoyed learning about it, it definitely wasn’t where my passion was.  A lot of what I learned has stuck with me though and I’ve tried to incorporate it into my home as I choose pieces for different rooms.  As it turns out, black is a great choice when you want to ground a room and using it for larger pieces, such as furniture, is very common.  You don’t want to overuse it, otherwise you end up with a space that is, well, dark.  But used wisely and in moderation, black is a great color (or neutral if you will) to add to your color scheme.

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Unfortunately for me, we built our current home right before the shift from browns and tans to the black/white/gray pallet.  So our main floor is all the brown tones that were in style at the time, and our basement, which we finished a couple of years ago, is more of the bright and clean that accompanies the current trend of black, white and gray.  Until we’re able to get the walls painted and some other updates made to our main floor, I’m trying to replace some of the browns with blacks to create a more cohesive look throughout our home.  Below I’m sharing some of my favorite black pieces.  A few I own while others (okay, most) I just wish I did. *wink*

Black in the Kitchen

Black in the Home

Black Furniture

I hope you found a few pieces that caught your eye!  Also, be sure to check out what the other hosts for the Year of Color have shared for this month’s theme: BLACK.

Next month, we’ll be coming back on Friday, November 17 to share our posts centered around the color ORANGE.

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  1. My favorite black things in our home are black wire storage baskets! I love that they are so versatile, not bulky, and really go with so many different styles! One day, I would love to have a more farmhouse/chic styled home and these will go even there!

  2. Seriously love this post! Black and white is such a clean color palette to use in your home! All these pieces would make a great addition to my home!

  3. I love decorating with black! My house has the browns and tans tones in it too, but all my hard furniture is black. I love the way the black looks.

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