Summer is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean that you have to put away those bright colors yet!  I love wearing neon pink, yellow, coral and blue all spring and summer long and it makes me a little sad when I have to pack my clothes away for the fall.  (Neon doesn’t go well with pale winter skin…)  Even if wearing bright colors isn’t your thing, you can still make up some of these fun cards to have on hand when you just want to write a quick note to a friend or to include with a gift.

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So last month I started co-hosting a link up with some friends called A Year of Color.  Each month, we share a post that is based off a color and this month it is NEON!  It’s been fun to step outside my comfort zone and push myself to come up with fun activities and crafts to share with you.

To make the cards, you’ll need:

First, I grabbed a card template from my Silhouette library and resized it so I could fit two rectangular cards on a 12×12 piece of cardstock.  Then I went back into my library and found a handful of simple images: a sun, a flamingo, a cactus and a lemon sliced in half.  (I found all of these in the Silhouette online store.)  I placed each image on top of the front of the card and resized it so it took up a good portion of the card.

Next, I turned the grid on in my Silhouette design studio, grabbed my cardstock, cut it down to about 8.5″ x 12″ and stuck it on my cutting mat.  I cut my cardstock down to fit the smaller images I wanted cut out and placed them on my cutting mat as well.  I always try to fit as much on one cutting mat as possible by using the grid and matching up my pieces with what I see on the design software.  You can see an example of this below.  It can take a little more time to get it set up, but it saves time in the long run because you do not have to keep going back and changing the cut settings and swapping out paper.

Once everything was cut out, I assembled the cards by sticking adhesive squares to the back and positioning it on the front of the card.  A trick I learned a long time ago when I first started scrapbooking was to cut down each adhesive square into four pieces.  This makes it go farther and saves a little money.

After I stuck the images on each card, they looked a little plain so I added a couple of small adhesive jewels to a couple of the cards and a phrase using rub-on transfers (one of my favorite craft supplies!).  Because the colors all compliment each other, I could choose to give the entire set as a gift, or just use them myself as needed to write a note or card to someone.  All in all, the four cards took me a little over an hour to finish and I think they turned out so cute!

As I mentioned above, this post is part of the link party I’m co-hosting called A Year of Color where we post every third Friday of the month.  Myself and the other hosts are each sharing a post that has something to do with NEON colors.  Definitely take a minute to check out their posts below and feel free to link up if you have a post that fits the theme.

Next month our color is BLUE.


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  1. I love making cards with scraps! The only bad thing is sometimes my scrap collection gets a little out of hand because I always think "I could use this tiny piece of green paper for something!" lol

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