Make a love note station for your home this February! Plus get a free love note printable.

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UPDATED: 2/1/2023 to include a new love note printable and how to make a love notes station as a family Valentine tradition. The original name of this post was Love Note Envelopes.

How to Make a Love Note Station

Making a love note station is so easy! You probably already have most of the items needed for it at home. I’ve found that if I set everything up and keep it in a place where my kids will see it often, they are more likely to use it. I suggest using a small tray or bin to keep it all contained. Inside the bin, you can place jars and small bowls to separate the different items. You can see a list of the things I use to make our love note station.

  • Valentine Stickers
  • Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils
  • Construction Paper (optional)
  • Love Note Printable (free download below)
  • Glass Jars (optional)
  • Bowls
  • Tray or bin to keep it all in one place

How to Get Your {FREE} Love Notes Printable

To print off the love notes printable, you simply need to enter your email below and it will be sent to you as an easy to print PDF file. There are a total of 8 notes (4 designs, 2 each).


Delivering the Love Notes

There are so many different ways to deliver your family’s love notes. Here are a couple ideas:

Mail Delivery Person

Let your kids rotate who the “delivery person” is each day. You can collect the love notes and after dinner each day they can deliver them to each family member.

Individual Mailboxes or Envelopes

I found small metal mailboxes at Walmart one year and bought four of them. But recently I’ve also seen cardboard mailbox kits at places like the Dollar Tree that you can easily make as well. Another option would be to use large white document envelopes or paper sacks and let your kids decorate the outside of them.

Lunch Box Love Notes

Leave a love note in your child’s lunch box! Bonus points if there is a joke on the back.

I hope you got some inspiration on how to make your own love note station this year!

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