Kids Night In Box: Day At The Farm

I love doing fun activities with my kids at home, but sometimes the thought of coming up with an idea or theme and then gathering all the materials together feels like more than I have time for as a busy mom of three kids.  So when I heard about the Kids Night In Box, I thought it would be a great solution and also a great opportunity for my kids to do something new and fun together as a family.

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This month, we received the Day at the Farm box.  My kids are all about animals and you can find them pretending to be a dog or a cat or a cow on a daily basis, so this was perfect!  When we opened it up, I was surprised at how many different activities were fit into the box.  It came with a little manual of all the activities and guided us through them one by one.  We started by reading a book called A Busy Day at the Farm by Doreen Cronin (also the author of Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type).  We’ve borrowed a lot of books from this author from the library so my kids were already familiar with the characters and laughed at all the funny things they do in the story.  It was also a simple enough book that my daughter was able to read it (she’s 6).

Next up were the egg carton animals.  For this activity we pulled out the paint, brush, egg cartons, googly eyes and cardstock cut outs.  I also grabbed a couple of aprons we have on hand for potentially messy projects to protect the kids clothes.  They each chose two animals to make and while they were painting, I cut out the ears and mouths from the cardstock paper.

While the egg carton animals paint dried, we went into the front room for some Farm Animal Yoga.  My kids both enjoyed trying the different poses and making the animal sounds.  I even joined in to show them how to do a couple of the poses.  I liked how the cards were heavy duty and thick and we are actually going to keep the cards so we can do the yoga poses again.

We came back to our egg carton animals and glued on the ears, eyes and mouth and while those were drying, the kids ate their snack of animal crackers and lemonade, which were also included in our box.  They thought it was so funny to wear their horse and duck hats while eating their crackers and, of course, made sounds at each other that coordinated with the hats on their heads.

All in all, it was a great activity!  They were entertained for about an hour and only required a little bit of help from me to do the activities.  Since the kit is different every month, I could see this being a really fun monthly activity for my kids.  Another option would be to hold onto the kit and have them do it with a baby sitter while my husband and I are out on a date.

If you’d like to try out a Kids Night In Box for your kids, grandkids or friends with kids, you can sign up HERE.


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