For my son’s birthday party this year, we decided to go with a fiesta themed party.  Truthfully, there was no other reason for this besides the fact that we had planned it on Cinco de Mayo.  It was a fun and simple party and the kids all loved it!  I loved that it was so easy to put together and besides a quick run to the dollar store and Walmart, I was able to use items I already had at home!

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While I don’t do birthday parties for my kids every year, I’ve planned enough of them to know that you have to keep things simple.  Generally I will do 1-2 games, a craft and food and the whole thing lasts no more than an hour and a half.  This makes it less stressful for me and more enjoyable for the kids because they aren’t being herded from one activity to another.  I also pick a few basic colors to decorate with, which gives a more cohesive look.  (We used the colors green, red, yellow and blue.)

So here’s what we did for our fiesta party:


I created the invitation using PicMonkey, saved it and then texted it out to all of the parents of the kids we invited.  I was running a little short on time, otherwise I like to print them out as a simple 4×6 picture and give them out as a tangible reminder of the party.

Game: Pin the Tail on the Donkey

We played the classic game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  I drew an outline of a donkey on a piece of poster board in pencil, including the tail, then I traced it in brown marker and added an eye.  I decided to cut it out and when I did, I just cut the tail off and used it as a template for the other tails.  Then, I wrote each kid’s name on the back so they were all ready to go when it was time to play the game.

Craft: DIY Maracas

I got this idea from Fun 365 and thought it was so perfect for a fiesta party.  All you do is fill the Easter eggs with some beans, put one spoon on either side of the egg and tape the two together!  The kids loved it and ran around shaking their new instruments.  I already had the plastic spoons, dry beans, Easter eggs and tape so there was no extra cost for this craft.

Game: Pinata

The only thing my son asked for this year for this birthday party was a pinata so we paid the $20 for a TMNT pinata and filled it with candy.  Each child took a turn and got to hit it three times.  Of course, it was a mad dash whenever a piece of candy fell out.  We used these cute polka dot bags from my friend’s Etsy shop called Eve’s Party Market and wrote each child’s name on them prior to the whacking of the pinata so they had something to put their candy in.  They also came in handy for them to put their maracas in to take home.

Food: Veggies, Salsa, Chips, Cupcakes and Drink

The party was held mid-morning and ended right around lunch time so I didn’t want to serve a lot of junky food.  We had carrots, cucumbers, pineapple, salsa and chips, plus some blue Kool Aid.  Dessert was funfetti cupcakes with white frosting and sprinkles.

Decorations: Paper Banner, Paper Tassels, Tablecloth, Letter Board

I went super simple with the decorations for the party and I’m so glad I did!  The most complicated thing I did was the paper banner and that was just because I had to design it in my Silhouette Studio software, cut it out and string it on some baker’s twine.  The tablecloth was from the dollar store and I already had the letter board.  I found the phrase “No time to siesta, it’s time for fiesta” while searching Pinterest for fiesta ideas.

Paper Goods: Plates, Napkins, Cups, Straws

I bought the plates and cups from the dollar store and since we only had eight kids at the party, I only had to buy one set of each.  I already had some napkins and the cute paper straws are also from Eve’s Party Market.

And that’s it!  The weather was perfect, the kids had fun and my son felt special so that’s what I call a great party!


  1. Pinned! What a fun party! I love beautiful parties like this that are fun for kids and not crazy for moms. 🙂 And fun to read from another LDS blogger!

  2. This looks so fun, Shani! I am working on my guy's 3rd birthday party coming up and I love how simple and fun this was!

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