A fun month in reivew post about what we did in June using only numbers!

Okay, seriously the summer needs to stop going by so quickly!  I thought May went by fast, but June felt even faster.  It was so much fun and I’m excited to see what July brings.  (Besides fireworks, that is.)

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5 – Water playdates.  We love water playdates in the summer!  I pull out my little shelter tent for the moms and we set up the sprinklers, water table and small pool for the kids and let them go.  I love having a yard that allows us to have family and friends over for playdates like these.  We’ve also been to a local splash pad that was a blast, although there wasn’t much sitting around on my part since it was huge and I was kind of afraid they were going to get lost.  (This number doesn’t include all the times we went out into the backyard with the kids in their suits by themselves.)

Put a blow up pool at the bottom of your slide and you have an instant waterslide!

Sprinklers under the trampoline is a great way to cool off and burn off some energy.

A fun month in review post about what we did in June using only numbers!

15 – Mosquito bites.  I’m actually surprised this number isn’t higher with all the time we’ve spent outside so far this summer.  My poor daughter has gotten the most and had about 6 or 7 at one time.  My husband and I have each had a couple, but somehow our son has lucked out and hasn’t gotten any.  Lucky little guy!  Thank goodness for Benadryl itch relief and bandaids.

1 – Preschool graduation.  If you saw last month’s summary post, you’ll know that my daughter already graduated from preschool.  But in addition to her regular preschool, she was also doing one called Upstart which is sponsored through our state (Utah).  It’s an online preschool program that she had to do for 20 minutes a day for 5 days a week.  We did it for a total of 10 months and she totally rocked it!  There were some days that were a challenge, but for the most part, it was just something she got used to doing everyday.  When we went to the orientation meeting last summer, they said that most kids who use the program consistently will enter kindergarten with a 1st grade reading level.  I know my daughter is smart but I was hopeful.  And you know what?  She can totally read on a first grade level!  We attended the graduation with other kids in our district where she did a final assessment and then got to go up to the front of the room with a little diploma and the girl in charge said a couple of things about her that she’d asked just before going to the front.  According to my daughter, her favorite place to go on vacation is St. George, UT and her favorite food is pizza.  The first one might be true but the second one isn’t, haha.

A fun month in review post about what we did in June using only numbers!

32 – Grasshoppers caught.  Okay so this number is an approximation since I haven’t actually counted how many grasshoppers my kids have caught in our backyard, but I had to include it because for a couple of weeks, my kids would hang out by our back fence in the evenings and catch little baby grasshoppers.  My daughter got really good at it and the first time she caught one she came up to me, opened her hand and three came jumping out!  She’s also caught a handful of tiny praying mantises.  My son is always right there with her as her partner in crime.

A fun month in review post about what we did in June using only numbers!

2 – Days running.  If you’ve seen my InstaStories over the last week on my Instagram, you know that I signed up for a 5K.  It’s a Harry Potter themed event and it’s to raise money for pediatric cancer.  A friend of mine is helping with the organization and she asked for help promoting it.  It’s for a good cause so I thought, why not?  She gave me a free entry and I get a t-shirt so I figured I should probably run the thing.  Only problem?  I’m not a runner.  The furthest I’ve ever run all at once (not including playing sports or dancing, just running) is 1.5 miles and that was in high school.  So I decided to try and get my butt in gear and go running around the neighborhood three times a week to try and build up to 5K (3.12 miles).  The good news is, I’ve improved my time with each run and the walking breaks I take are shorter and shorter, so I’m hopeful I’ll get up to the full three(ish) miles in the next four weeks.  The bad news is that right now my mile is 12:20, but at least at that rate I could finish in less than 40 minutes. *wink*

3 – Days 100+ degrees F.  I definitely prefer hot weather to cold weather, but once it starts creeping into the 100+ degree area, I stay inside.  Unless you’re in the water, it’s not fun to be out in that.  Even my kids who love being outside tend to come in after about 20 minutes when it’s that hot.  We’ve had quite a few days in the 90’s which is a little better.

8 – Snow cones consumed.  You know what I found out?  My Blendtec makes snow cone snow!  Snow cones are a favorite summertime treat around here but I had spending the money on them at those snow shacks because they are so overpriced.  You know what I also found out?  I have a recipe for homemade snow cone syrup that I saved from an old neighborhood cookbook and it makes DELICIOUS syrup using Kool-Aid.  You can find that recipe here.  You’re welcome.

Make homemade snow cone syrup using Kool-Aid!

Make homemade snow cone syrup using Kool-Aid!

28 – Carnival/Theme park rides ridden.  Our city celebrated Art City Days (the founding of our town) earlier in June and it’s a tradition to go do some of the carnival rides each year with our kids.  The kids did about 5 rides each and then we got a warm cinnamon and sugar covered scone to split.  A couple weeks later, my husband’s work had a company Lagoon Day.  For my non-local friends, Lagoon is a theme park with rides and food and carnival games similar to Six Flags.  We had a couple of rough patches after a ride was not what my kids were expecting, but the day ended well and we rode as many rides as possible.  We met some friends there who have a couple kids the same age as ours and the little girls totally hit it off.  They were too cute together.  My daughter is a little more adventurous than my son and we got her to go on a couple of roller coasters which she loved.  My son is more cautious so we did more low-key rides with him.  We were all totally worn out by the end of the day.

A fun month in review post about what we did in June using only numbers!

A fun month in review post about what we did in June using only numbers!

2 – Trips to the reservoir.  We have the cutest little reservoir called Bartholomew Park up the canyon about 15 minutes from my house and it’s become a pretty popular spot to hang out and try to beat the heat.  Both trips were only a couple of hours but that was plenty with young kids.  My daughter loves playing in the sand and water and would probably be content to stay there for several hours.  My son is an explorer so keeping him in one place is more of a challenge.  But it’s a great spot and we love it there.

A fun month in review post about what we did in June using only numbers!

A fun month in review post about what we did in June using only numbers!

4 – Books read.  I shared my Summer 2017 reading list in May with a long list of books I want to read.  I was able to get through a couple of them as well as a couple that weren’t on my list.  I started on another book this week from my list and it’s pretty good so far!

Books to read this summer!

9 – Chicken meals prepped.  In May’s month in numbers, I shared about how I had ordered 40 pounds of chicken from a meat co-op called Zaycon Fresh.  Well, I picked it up in June and because it was all fresh, I had to take care of it quickly.  Over the course of a week, I cut, portioned, cooked and prepped all 40 pounds and I’m pretty proud of myself.  Part of the chicken just got portioned out into one pound bags and frozen, but the other part I used to put together some crock pot freezer meals and homemade burritos (watch for the recipe this week!).  I’m fairly certain we won’t need to buy chicken for a while. *wink*

2 – Haircuts given.  Both my son and my daughter needed haircuts but the girl who usually cuts their hair had just had a baby and so wasn’t up to it yet.  I took my daughter to a kid’s haircut place and we took three inches off.  It’s still long, but we’ve had a lot less tangles with those bottom inches gone.  For my son, we just cut his at home using our clippers.

A fun month in review post about what we did in June using only numbers!

2154 – Number of  times Trolls has been watched.  Okay, fine, this is an exaggeration but I’m not kidding when I say that my kids wanted to watch this movie back to back to back.  (And no, I didn’t let them.)  We actually borrowed the movie from a friend about a week or so before it came available on Netflix but once the kids realized they could watch it on Netflix and didn’t need my help to start the DVD player, that’s the show they decided to watch.  There have even been a few times when they were given screen time on their Kindle Fire and they would sit there, side by side, watching different parts of the movie.  I have to admit, it is pretty clever and the songs are catchy.

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  1. Sounds like June was a good month! I know how you feel about the heat. We've had a lot of days 110 or higher, which is too hot. I'll still take the hot days over the cold. Have a great July!

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