Phew! Can someone tell me how it’s possible that we are already five days into August?? I feel like this summer literally flew by. July was a great month and we did a lot of really fun things together as a family.

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2 – Trips to see animals.

Trip #1: While driving home from an errand one day, I made the spontaneous decision to stop by the preschool my older two kids have gone to. They have a small farm on their property and there’s an area next to the road you can park and get out and see the animals. We got lucky because the owner of the farm (known as Grandpa Dutch) was there and he invited us in to see the animals and even gave the kids a bag of old rolls to feed the ducks. My little baby was over the moon excited to see all the animals and the older two loved throwing the bread in to the birds.

Trip #2: This year, my husband’s summer work party was held at the zoo. For the last three hours the zoo was open, we had the entire zoo to ourselves! It was a lot of fun but also a little strange to see the zoo so empty of people. We rode the carousel and the train and walked around until the kids were done. I kept reminding them that it was good practice for when we go to Disneyland in October. *wink*

18 – IG posts. One of the things I love about Instagram is the opportunity to connect with others. There are people I follow or that follow me who I’ve never met before and yet, I feel like I know them. I hope that as I post on my Instagram and share little pieces of my life and thoughts with you, that you’ll feel like you know me too. I love seeing a new message in my inbox or comment on a post because I enjoy engaging with you!

1 – Awesome Keith Urban concert. When I heard that Keith Urban was going to be the headliner at the 4th of July Stadium of Fire event, I wanted to go so bad! My husband laughed at me a little bit because it’s not common for me to get excited about concerts. But years ago, I told myself that if Keith Urban ever came to do a concert that I wanted to go. I’ve been a fan since I was in high school and I still am to this day. One night he surprised me with tickets for me and my daughter to go together! Let me tell you: combining the 4th of July celebration (my 3rd favorite holiday) and a Keith Urban concert into one night was so much fun! We had pretty good seats considering we bought some of the cheaper tickets and he put on a great show! Definitely a memory my daughter and I won’t forget.

6 – Blog posts. This summer has been a little tricky when it comes to putting out blog posts consistently. Having the kids home full time means that sometimes the blog posts get put off so we can create some memories. But I’m really happy about the blog posts I shared with you this month. You can hop straight over to any that you might have missed by looking at the list below:

5 – Free meals from Chick-fil-A. We made it to Cow Appreciation Day this year! The last time we went was four years ago and thanks to my friend Justine at Little Dove who shared some simple cow costumes, I was reminded about it the day before. My husband doesn’t love dressing up but he does love Chick-fil-A so he joined in with the rest of us and we got some free food, fun pictures and full bellies.

33 – Popsicles consumed. Okay, I didn’t count the exact number of popsicles eaten in July–there were probably way more than 33. But as I was scrolling through my pictures for last month, a lot of them were of the kids eating popsicles. And it’s no wonder that we ate so many because July was HOT!

250 – Water balloons filled and thrown. To combat the heat, we did do a few impromptu water balloon fights. But those lasted only about 5-10 minutes because water balloons don’t last long. Thank goodness for the Bunch-o-Balloons pack I bought at Costco, because there’s no way I would have been able to fill up that many balloons one by one! Everyone had a good time throwing them at each other and cooling down (for a few minutes at least).

4 – Movie nights. In the summer, Monday night is movie night. We try to limit screen time in general, but especially in the summertime when it can be so easy to just watch shows. So movie nights are a special treat for everyone and it’s fun to introduce the kids to new shows and laugh at old favorites as well. This month we watched: Shrek, Shrek 2, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Megamind.

14 – Bucket list items completed. Every summer we make a bucket list poster with the different things we want to do. It’s a great way to help us make sure we’re planning our days and activities and creating memories. In July, we did a lot of the things from our bucket list. The kids love checking things off and making note of the day we did it.

And that’s July in a nutshell! We have some exciting things coming up in August, including back to school, starting up dance and music lessons, and of course, some great blog posts that I hope you’ll enjoy!

What’s something fun you did in July?

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