Fall is officially here!  It’s time to bust out all the pumpkin recipes you’ve been drooling over and pinning if you haven’t done so already.  As for me, I actually made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last week and they were so good!  Once I feel the change in the air, I can’t help myself.

In the spirit of the fall season, I’ve taken it upon myself to declare this time of year “Pumpkin Spice Season” due to all the pumpkin spice recipes and smells and drinks going around.

Furthermore, I’ve created a fun little printable for you to put up in your kitchen as you whip up all the pumpkin recipes you want.  Don’t like cooking?  That’s okay!  Go buy some pumpkin bread or pumpkin cookies or pumpkin muffins and then come home and enjoy your new printable.  *wink*

To print, click on the photo for a 5×7 print.

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season {FREE} Printable

Also, double check your printer settings so that it shows a 5×7 size on the preview instead of an 8.5×11.  (See image below.)

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season {FREE} Printable


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