If you’ve seen beautiful hand lettering and thought, “I wish I could learn how to do that”, then I have just the course for you: You Can Hand Letter by Lettered with Stephanie!

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You’ve probably seen it: the beautiful, swirly, bouncy hand writing that makes even the most plain word look fancy. It’s similar to calligraphy but with a playful, less formal feel. You might have seen it referred to as faux (fake) calligraphy, but more often it’s called hand lettering.

Maybe you’ve wondered how people get so good at writing like that. Maybe you’ve wanted to learn how to do it too, so you can take your cards and gift tags to the next level.

Well, guess what? I have the perfect gift for you to give yourself so you can do just that!

It’s the You Can Hand Letter Course by Lettered with Stephanie!

I received this course in the fall of 2021 as a gift. So I printed out the workbook and gathered the supplies she suggested. After a short time, my hand lettering improved. Practicing was fun because I could feel the progress. Plus, Stephanie is a great cheerleader and teacher.

What does the You Can Hand Letter Course include?

For only $27, check out the list of everything that’s included in the You Can Hand Letter Course:

  • Digital Workbook + Course 
  • A PDF download of the book
  • 7 video lessons with Stephanie walking you through the workbook you can access over and over
  • Bonus video: Lettering on an iPad

Pretty great, right? And in case you’re not quite sure what to do with your new hand lettering skill…

What can you use hand lettering on?

So many things! Below I’ve listed just a few that I’ve personally used hand lettering on:

  • Chalkboard
  • Gift tags
  • Cards (Christmas, birthday, etc)
  • Home decor
  • Posters
  • Quotes

Prior to taking the course, I’d been working on and off on my hand lettering for about 4 years. In the time since taking the You Can Hand Letter Course, I’ve received many compliments on my hand lettering. Everyone wants to know how I learned to write so beautifully! And I’m happy to share my secret with them, and now, with you!

And so you know I’m not just saying how awesome the course is, you can see some examples of my own hand lettering before and after taking the You Can Hand Letter Course.

Before | After
Before | After

Give yourself the gift of beautiful hand lettering with the code STEPH5 (good through 11/29/22)!

Want to give this course as a gift to someone else? You can easily do that too! If you really want to get them all set up for success, you could even print the workbook for them and pair it with tracing paper, pencils and markers!

Hand Lettering Basics

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