February in Numbers: a unique way to show a month in review (Link up with Shoes to Shiraz)

Today I’m going to have a little fun and do a month in review using numbers.  Normally, I’m not really a numbers person.  Math is not my strong point.  I took Statistics twice in college and only barely passed both times.  However, I am really good at counting down to things like my birthday or vacations or calculating the discount on a cute shirt from a favorite store. *wink*  So without further adieu, I give you February in Numbers.

30 – Cookies consumed.  I don’t normally eat this many but we had Valentine’s Day which meant lots of parties and by default, lots of cookies.

February in Numbers: a unique way to show a month in review (Link up with Shoes to Shiraz)

3 – Snowy days.  This February had to have been one of the strangest I can remember in terms of the weather, even for Utah.  We had a couple of days where the kids played outside in short sleeve shirts, riding their bikes around and leaving the windows open all day to let some fresh air in.  Then of course we had some really horrible storms, leaving us with over a foot of snow in a matter of hours and me refusing to leave my house.

February in Numbers: a unique way to show a month in review (Link up with Shoes to Shiraz)

1 – Vacations booked!  My husband has a training he is helping with in Orlando this month and we are using it as an excuse to take a little vacation without the kids.  We’ve gone places overnight before to celebrate our anniversary each year, but this will be the first time we’ve left them for more than one night.  I have mixed feelings about this: one part of me is over the moon excited to be able to do whatever I want for four days and the other part of me knows I’m going to miss those little stinkers and it’s probably going to be harder for me to be away from them than the other way around.  Either way, it will be a nice break.  Stay tuned for some fun Orlando posts at the end of this month and the beginning of next, as well as social media updates while I’m there.  Please pray there won’t be any hurricanes, rain or other awful weather while I’m there!

61 – Candy eaten.  I might be a little off on my estimate of how much candy I ate during February, but I do know that it was more than average because of Valentine’s Day.  My favorite candy was the caramels my husband brought home from work.  He doesn’t like caramels.  I know.  Crazy.  But I can’t complain because more for me!

2 – Trips made to the Dollar Tree.  We picked up a birthday gift for my daughter’s friend and Valentine’s decorations for our family Valentine’s Day dinner.

4 – Valentines parties attended.  Valentine’s brunch at a friend’s house, preschool Valentine’s party, dance Valentine’s party and church Valentine’s dance party.  My kids loved it because they got to play with their friends and eat candy and I loved it because while the kids were playing, I got to visit with other adults.  It’s a win-win!

February in Numbers: a unique way to show a month in review (Link up with Shoes to Shiraz)

7 – Birthdays celebrated.  February is a popular month for birthdays.  Two of my best friends celebrate their birthday this month, plus my mom, my grandma, my grandpa, my step-brother and my daughter’s friend.

8 – Containers of Play-Doh bought.  Like many kids, my kids love to play with Play-Doh.  Also like many kids, mine leave it out on the table when they are done and don’t put it away which leads to dried out Play-Doh.  A few years back I noticed a tip on one of the containers which said that if the dough becomes hard, just add a little water to it and work it in.  I spent an hour doing this with the Play-Doh only to have it dry out again a week later.  From that point on, I just throw the stuff away and spend $.50 on a new container from Walmart.

February in Numbers: a unique way to show a month in review (Link up with Shoes to Shiraz)

4 – Restaurants eaten at.  I’ve been horrible at meal planning lately and as a result, I get a little burnt out trying to figure out what to eat for dinner based on what we have in the fridge/pantry.  So the days we went out were also the ones that I just didn’t have it in me to make up something for dinner and my husband suggested we go out.  Thank goodness for understanding husbands. 🙂

I hope you liked my little monthly summary.  You can check out other February in Numbers posts on Shoes to Shiraz where I’m linking up.


  1. I love your numbers! Okay, so first of all, super excited for you and all the cookies you ate. That sounds DELICIOUS. Secondly, the weather has been really weird here too! February was full of sun, hail, and rain, lots of rain!! Just bizarre, it's nice to know northern California isn't the only place having super strange weather!

  2. This is so cute! Love that you kept track of these things. I think I ate about the same amount of cookies as you guys haha!

  3. Good month in review! I know what you mean about meal prep. This month has been full of surprises so I haven't been able to plan accordingly either. I need to get back on it!

  4. Thanks Dara! I don't normally count how many cookies I eat, but I tried to think back on what I ate and came up with those numbers as approximate values. 😉 And yes! Crazy weather! I can't wait to escape to Orlando in a couple weeks.

  5. Haha, no, you guys aren't the only ones! Just Sunday we had another crazy snow storm that dropped 4 inches and today (Tues) it's sunny and supposed to be mid-60's by the end of the week… Also, the cookies were delicious. 😉

  6. Thanks! It's hard not to eat cookies when they are put right in front of me. I guess it doesn't say much for my self control… 😉

  7. Thanks for letting me join your fun link up! I saw when Justine posted last month and thought it would be a fun way to review the month.

  8. I seriously just felt so lazy all last month! I think part of it is due to the horrible weather we've been having. The winter blues are real!

  9. This was so funny – but looks like you had fun! I can associate with the dried-out play-dough (just threw out some) and a little extra sweet. But maybe not so much sweet as you ate… ha ha! Anyway, we've (including the kids) traveled to FL & Orlando while my hubby did a business trip. It was fun. Hope you enjoy it with your hubby.

  10. such a cute idea! Excited for your Orlando trip! My kids love play-doh, too. I swear we buy a billion containers every month 😉

  11. Thanks Zan! It's always fun when you can tag along on a business trip without having to do the business part. 😉

  12. Oh man, it drives me crazy when I have to buy more Play-Doh! I used to make it as a kid but I don't remember that it lasted too much longer than the store bought stuff.

  13. Lots of parties to attend, that's for sure! And you should join us on the next link up at Shoes to Shiraz next month!

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