Fall 2016 Walmart Beauty Box Review--Is it worth $5?

*I am reviewing this box by choice and have not received it for free, nor have I received any other compensation from Walmart.  All opinions are my own.*

I still can’t believe that we are already into our second full week of Fall.  The weather here in Utah has definitely taken on a cooler feel with highs in the 60s last week.  Thankfully it’s supposed to be in the 70s this week because I’m not quite ready to let go of the warmer weather.  Last week I received my Fall 2016 Walmart Beauty Box.  When I did a review of the Summer 2016 Beauty Box, I got a lot of interest in the post, so I thought I’d do a review of the Fall beauty box.

What is the Walmart Beauty Box?

For $5, you receive one beauty box every three months filled with various beauty items ranging from full size to travel size to sample size.  You can cancel the subscription at any time.

I’ve had my subscription for a little over a year and a half and I’ve enjoyed the items enough not to cancel.  Some boxes are better than others, but the items that I’ve received have been worth more than the $5 it costs for the box itself.  It’s fun to get a little surprise in the mail every few months and I can totally see the appeal of monthly/quarterly subscriptions.

Here’s what I got this time around:

Fall 2016 Walmart Beauty Box Review--Is it worth $5?

  • Village Naturals Therapy Aches + Pains Muscle Relief Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak (single use)
  • Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash (travel size)
  • Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies with Biotin (sample size)
  • Biore Deep Cleaning Charcoal Pore Strips (single use)
  • EcoTools Single Pack Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths (single use)
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo (travel size)
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Body Cream (sample size)
  • Hello Pure Mint Toothpaste (travel size)
  • Clean & Clear Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask (travel size)

My Review:

  • Village Naturals Therapy Aches + Pains Muscle Relief Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak–I’ve never tried a mineral bath soak, so I’m not sure what to expect but it does smell good  (mint, eucalyptus, spearmint).  I want to try it out when I have some aches and pains that need soothing, so I will update this once I’ve used it.
    • Would I recommend it: UNDECIDED
  • Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash–I’ve used this body wash before in a different scent.  The scent is very subtle and nice but I like more of the fruity or clean scents rather than flowery for my body wash.  I don’t think it necessarily does any better at moisturizing my skin than what I’m currently using (Olay) but it would be a good alternative if it happens to be on sale.  I’m not loyal to any one brand when it comes to body wash as long as it doesn’t dry my skin out.
    • Would I recommend it: YES
  • Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies with Biotin–I’ve wondered about the supplements for hair, skin and nails but not enough to go out and buy any.  This came in a single sample size pack, which was 2 gummies and obviously not enough to actually tell a difference.  So I’m guessing they were hoping to sell me on the texture and flavor, which the package says was Strawberry.  I didn’t think they tasted like strawberry but it wasn’t an unpleasant flavor.  The texture was soft and not too chewy or sticky.
    • Would I recommend it: NO, because I would rather pay less for the same supplement that I could just swallow with the rest of my vitamins.
  • Biore Deep Cleaning Charcoal Pore Strips–I actually saw these in the store the other day and almost bought a pack.  (Instead I bought the regular pore cleansing strips.)  I’ve been hearing a lot about charcoal masks and wondered if a charcoal strip would do anything different than their regular cleansing strip.  To be honest, I didn’t think it was any different/better than their regular ones.  Because of the dark color, I could see the stuff it pulled out of my skin easier, but I don’t think it was more than other strips.
    • Would I recommend it:  NO, because it appears to work the same as the regular pore strips.
  • EcoTools Single Pack Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths–I don’t have any special makeup brushes that I use so this sample was useless to me.
    • Would I recommend it: UNDECIDED
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo–I’ve been really wanting to try out some dry shampoo and I’ve heard a lot of people really like Batiste so I was pretty excited to see this little travel size can in my box.  It didn’t include any directions for use on the can so I had to look it up online to make sure I used it correctly.  Maybe they figure that if you’re buying the travel size, you already know you like the product…?  Either way, I loved it!  I’m definitely going to buy a bigger can and maybe try out some of their other scents.
    • Would I recommend it:  YES
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Body Cream–To see if this lotion was any better than what I’m currently using (Aveeno), I took a shower at night and put the Aveeno on one leg and the Cetaphil on the other leg and checked how they felt in the morning.  The Cetaphil was thicker than the Aveeno but still soaked in without a residue.  I couldn’t tell a difference in how they felt the next morning though.
    • Would I recommend it: YES
  • Hello Pure Mint Toothpaste–According to the box, this toothpaste uses natural ingredients and is free from dyes, artificial sweeteners/flavors, preservatives, etc.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but will probably just put it with my travel size stuff to take with me when I need some toothpaste.
    • Would I recommend it:  UNDECIDED
  • Clean & Clear Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask–I really love Clean & Clear products.  I’ve used them for years, so I was super happy to see this brand in my beauty box.  I was thinking the other day about how nice it would be to have a mask that I could put on in the shower and then rinse off before I got out.  So when I got this, it was like Clean & Clear read my mind!  I’ve used the mask a couple of times now and I love the tingly feeling I get while it does its thing.  My face does feel cleaner after using it.
    • Would I recommend it: YES

Well there you have it!  I hope my little review was helpful to you.  If you want to find out more about the Walmart Beauty box, go HERE.  You can sign up and check out the FAQ.  Since the Fall Beauty Box has already shipped out, you would receive the Winter Beauty Box next if you choose to sign up.

Have you signed up for other beauty boxes?  What is your favorite/least favorite?

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