Fab 5: Erin and Susannah

Hello and Happy Friday!  I’m excited to introduce you to two more lovely ladies as part of the Fab 5 Series I started last month.  If you didn’t see last month’s post, Fab 5 is all about getting to know the women behind the blog and seeing that amazing people they are.  The last Friday of each month will be dedicated to this series.

Being part of the blogging world, I have the opportunity to get to know some pretty incredible people.  The ladies you’ll meet today are two such and I’m so glad they agreed to be part of the series this month.

So without further adieu, I give you Erin from A Welder’s Wife and Susannah from Simple Moments Stick!


Meet Erin from A Welder's Wife

Erin  |  A Welder’s Wife

I grew up in Southwestern Arkansas, and have lived there most of my life.  I currently live in a town about 30 minutes outside of the town I grew up in, with a population of 1000 people, roughly.  I have been married to my absolute best friend for nearly 6 years now!  We definitely balance each other out in many ways!  He is the “jump in head first” kind of man, while I am the “dip my toes in before the jump” kind of woman.  If you are around us for even a few minutes, you would think we have been married for 20 years!  (At least, that is what our friends say.)  We have two fur babies (Chevy and Harley), who we enjoy so much!  As well as a small farm with chicken, pigs and puppies!  We are busy bodies when it comes to working on the farm, being outdoors, and discovering new things.
In the past, I have blogged here and there.  When I finally discovered my niche, blogging became more consistent.  I have now blogged consistently for almost 10 months, and have enjoyed it so much!

1. Describe your blog
On my blog, you will find information about a Minimalist Lifestyle.  I believe that many things can improve in our life if we live simpler and realize our material possessions do not define us.  I share information based on personal experiences and research I have done.  When you visit my blog, you will find tips and tricks on how to live simpler, resources on my personal inspirations, among other things.
2. What are your favorite things to do with your free time?
Since my husband and I have started s small farm, I really enjoy watching and observing the animals.  (Chickens are hilarious to watch!)  Outside of the farm, I am your typical country girl.  I like to go fishing, hunting and four-wheeler riding.  I am also a fan of reading books from several genres, DIY projects, gardening and preserving foods, and so much more.  As to which I do in my free time, it all depends on what time of year it is.  If it is summer, I am usually working in the garden, canning or fishing.  If it is fall/winter, odds are I am hunting, on an adventure, or reading a book.  I try to enjoy life as much as possible, so my time is always filled with something challenging.
3. What is a typical day like for you?
A typical day for me is to work from 7am to 3:30pm.  From there, I will run any needed errands before heading home.  Once I am home, I spend some time in the garden or with our farm animals, and finish up with tidying my home and cooking supper.  I try to enjoy the last hour of my day with my husband, because quality time together is a necessity!  I love sharing our day with each other, especially if it was a good one!
4. Why do you blog?
I love to write.  A long time ago, I started a blog to have an online journal.  Today, I blog because I wanted to document my journey as a minimalist.  Along the way, I felt a wanting to help others change their life the way my life has changed.  As a result, I found my niche.  A year ago, my life was filled with so much stress, anxiety, and depression.  Today, it is the complete opposite, and it is all due to starting my minimalist journey.  I share my story and any advice I think may help, because I know I am not alone.
5. What is your favorite food?
If you were to ask my husband, he would say anything chicken, because that is all I have craved this summer, haha!  However, it is actually a tie between fried okra and the eggs my chickens are laying!  Both are so yummy that I could eat them every day!
Bonus question: How did you meet your husband?
Aww!  I love sharing our story!  A cheerleading friend of mine invited a guy she liked to one of our games.  He came with his little brother, who I was introduced to, but did not really pay any attention to.  (I was more so concerned with who this guy was that my friend liked.)  Anyways, later that night my friend asked me if she could give my number to the guy’s little brother.  I was reluctant, but I agreed (because he said I was beautiful, not cute or pretty).  We talked for several hours, and the conversation was heart throbbing good!  (At least for a 15 year old!)  As I said before, I did not pay much attention to him when we met, so I really did not know what he looked like.  I asked if we could meet again, because I wanted to confirm my feelings that conversation would be the same on the phone as in person.  (Being physically attracted to someone should not be the number one priority, but a priority nonetheless!)  The moment we laid eyes on each other, we fell in love!  It has been 12 years since we have met, and we are still going strong!
Social Media Links
Instagram: @awelderswife_erin
Pinterest: @awelderswife007


Meet Susannah from Simple Moments Stick
Susannah  |  Simple Moments Stick
For most of my younger childhood I actually lived overseas in Taiwan!  I loved living there!!!  After we moved back to America the majority of my teenage years were spent in Spokane,WA.  I now live in the Pacific Northwest–near Olympia, Washington.  I’ve been married for five years to my awesome husband, Nate.  He’s an associate pastor, awesome guitar player, and a major cutie! 😉  I have a son named Caleb who will be two in November and he’s crazy, awesome, and also cute.  I guess he takes after his dad. 😉 
I’ve been blogging for four and a half years but rebranded a few months ago and started taking it really seriously at that point.
1. Describe your blog
Just from the name, Simple Moments Stick, I hope it’s clear that my blog is all about reclaiming the beauty of a simple life!  Simplicity can, and should, permeate every area of life and I mostly focus on motherhood and marriage while keeping it all wrapped up in my grace centered Christian faith.
2. What are your favorite things to do with your free time?
What’s free time??? 😉  I love working on my blog and blogging related tasks so that takes up a lot of free time.  I also love getting together with friends, going on hikes with my husband, and taking my son on adventures.  I love to read and craft but, unfortunately, don’t do those things as much as I should!
3. What is a typical day like for you?
Most of the time I get up around seven and do a couple blog scheduling things before my husband heads off to work.  Once I’m on kiddo duty we have breakfast and then play, read, wrestle, and all sorts of things until nap time around 10.  At that point I work on my blog, call friends, watch TV or do whatever needs to be done until my little man wakes up.  After that (11:30ish) is lunch and then we try to head out the door.  Sometimes we’ll go grocery shopping, sometimes we’ll go to the park, sometimes we’ll meet up with friends… Caleb just needs to get out of the house so we do it!  We’re home in time for the afternoon nap that happens around 3.  While Caleb’s napping I get my stuff done again until he wakes up around 4ish.  Once he’s up he plays on his own and I prep dinner.  Nate is home a little after five and we have dinner, go for a walk, give Caleb a bath, and put him down around 8.  For the rest of the evening Nate and I hang out–we work on our computers, talk, watch TV, read, or a combination of everything and we try to be in bed around 10.  Not too much excitement but that’s how we like it.
4. Why do you blog?
I blog to encourage women.  I want to inspire women that it’s totally possible to live lives of simplicity without having to go the minimalism route (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) and to show them through my life the beauty that’s found in marriage, motherhood, faith, and so much more when we allow simplicity to be our goal.
5. What is your favorite thing about where you live?
I love how pretty it is in the Pacific Northwest!!!  Because it rains so much (which I don’t love) everything is always so green and lush!  I also love that we’re within 2ish hours of all sorts of terrains.  We can get to a big city, the ocean, mountains, or the desert in no time at all!
Bonus question: What is your favorite time of year (season or holiday)?
I know it’s cliche but Christmas is totally my favorite time of year!  I love how magical everything feels and that everyone cozies up with friends and family!
Social Media Links
Instagram: @susannahkellogg
Twitter: @susannahkellogg
Pinterest: @susannahkellogg


As you can see, these are a couple of pretty amazing women!  I hope you’ll take the time to hop over and check out their blogs and other social media.

Next month, I’ll be interviewing two new bloggers for my Fab 5 series, so stay tuned.

Have a lovely weekend!


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