I learned how to braid when I was about seven or eight and would practice on my mom’s hair all the time.  Now that I have a little girl of my own, it’s been fun to try out different hairstyles on her.  Braids are an easy ways to keep her hair back and add a little style and this Rapunzel braid might be one of my new favorite hairstyles for her.

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This hairstyle is just three dutch (inverted) braids.  The dutch braid is an easier braid for many people learning how to braid hair.  (If you need a tutorial, I recommend this one from Cute Girl Hairstyles.)

Whenever I do my daughter’s hair, I use the same basic tools:

To create this hairstyle, part the hair in the middle halfway down the head.  Section it off by drawing another part starting behind the ear and meeting at the middle part.  Use an elastic to separate it and repeat the same thing on the other side.  You are left with a section at the back which you will also need to separate with an elastic.

Now choose one side to start on and create your dutch/inverted braid.  Extend the braid another 2-4 inches and finish it off with an elastic.  Repeat on the other side.

Next, you need to use your comb to draw a diagonal line from the bottom part of the braid where you stopped adding in hair, toward the middle.  Repeat on the other side.  It should look like a triangle.  Then use your comb to remove about 1″ off the tip of the triangle.  This becomes your third strand for braiding.

To create the braid down the middle, just do another dutch/inverted braid using the two top braids and the middle section you just made.  The idea is to have made the extension of the top two braids just long enough that you can’t see the end of the braid or the elastic because it is underneath the middle section of hair.
While I used colored elastics, you could also use clear elastics to help hide it better if you get the braids a little too long.  Another option would be to loosen up the strands after the braid is complete to hide them as well.  Or you could even just use a well placed flower to hide it!

Finish the look with a few little flowers.

When the animated movie Tangled came out eight years ago, I was so excited!  Like many people, I’m a lover of all things Disney and the story of Rapunzel was put together so well.  I love her character and how positive and excited for life she is.  One of my favorite scenes from the movie is when Rapunzel is in the village and the little girls are so excited to braid her hair and decorate it with flowers.  Which is why I decided to base this month’s Movie Club Monday on the movie Tangled with this fun hairstyle.  Of course, when I had my daughter, I showed her the movie when she was little and she loved it.  Even my husband, who is not really into animated movies, has to admit that he likes it as well.  It’s definitely a family favorite around here.

Be sure to join us next month when the co-hosts and I share a post inspired by a SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER.

What is a favorite movie that your whole family enjoys?


  1. Paula @ I'm Busy Being Awesome Reply

    Seriousl such an adorable hairstyle for every girl out there!

  2. What a cute hairstyle. While it looks complicated you break the steps down perfectly. Love the little flowers you added.

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