How are we already half way through May? The last month of school always seems to go by in a bit of a blur and I find myself both looking forward to and feeling anxious about the summer. (Thankfully, the kids have another week of school before they’ll be home full time.) So here’s my month in numbers as I share a little bit about what happened in April.

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3 – Amazing Roommates at SNAP Conference! If you’ve been following along for a bit, you know that I went to a blogging conference last month called SNAP. It’s basically a conference that is more geared toward creative bloggers (DIY, crafts, sewing, photography, etc) and women come from all over the United States to attend. This year was my first year and I loved it! I roomed with three other ladies and they were all super nice and welcoming and I’m so glad they took a random person they didn’t know as their roommate.

  • Aimee from Things Small and Simple: Aimee is a craft blogger who is actually also a co-host for the Inspire My Creativity party I host each month. It was so fun to meet her in person. Definitely give her a follow for fun and simple craft ideas.
  • Monica from SookEe Designs: Monica is super sweet and talented when it comes to sewing crafts! She shares easy to follow tutorials and helps you feel like you can sew, even if you’re a beginner. Follow her in Instagram here.
  • Riva from Riva la Diva: Riva is an amazing seamstress! All the clothes she wore were made by her and I was totally in awe. Follow her if you love vintage style and fashion.

50 – Miles to the Little America Hotel from my house. SNAP Conference was held at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT. It’s a beautiful hotel with spacious rooms that combine traditional style with modern conveniences. (Do I sound like an ad?) It was my first time at the hotel even though I’ve visited Salt Lake many times. I loved it and hope they host the conference there again next year.

362 – Stars weeded out of glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl. Last week I shared my tutorial for the starry night skyline glow in the dark shirt. (Wow, that’s a mouthful!) I made and wore it to SNAP Conference to the Friday night dance party. The theme was “shine bright” and geared towards stars and space. This was one of those projects that I had a vision for and it turned out exactly the way I wanted! You can see in the picture below that there are a TON of little glow in the dark stars on my shirt. They were a little tricky to weed from my vinyl because my blade is a bit dull. (And no, I didn’t actually count all the stars to see if there were 362. *wink*)

13 – Months old. As I’m typing this, my daughter has already turned 14 months and I’m feeling a little sad about it. Babies just grow so dang fast! Her little personality has really started to emerge and it’s so much fun.

1 – Bittersweet funeral. Heaven gained an angel last month when my grandma passed away. She was the grandma that I was closest to and have the most memories of growing up. I will miss her a lot. She was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months before she passed away and the last couple of weeks were really hard for her. But also, she’s been without my grandpa for 30 years and that’s a long time. So while I’m sad she’s gone, I’m grateful she’s no longer in pain and is with her husband again. I was able to write her obituary and share a life sketch at her funeral and it was a wonderful way for me to memorialize her and honor her life.

35 – Easter pictures taken to try and get one good shot. The more kids you have, the harder it is to get a decent picture. #truth But we made out with one good picture after taking what felt like a million. (It really was 35 pictures–I counted.)

13 (again) – Instagram posts. As always, I love to connect with you on Instagram and so I’ve been trying to post more consistently each month. I was pretty proud of myself when I counted how many posts I had. Besides letting you know about posts I have up on my blog, I also try to share bits and pieces about me, my family, my thoughts and observations, as well as asking you questions and for advice. If you aren’t already following me on Instagram, please do! I’d love to see you there.

265 – Pages in The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook. Being the planner that I am, when I am going to be doing something I’ve never done, or in this case, going somewhere I’ve never been, I start researching the heck out of it. Planning our anniversary trip to Kaua’i (less than 3 weeks away) has been a lot of fun and one of the most helpful resources has been this Kauai guidebook. Any of my friends who have been told me I needed to get my hands on this book to help me plan out our trip as best I could. So I borrowed it from a friend and read through all 265 pages of it. And then I went back to the pages I’d marked and re-read them. My husband thinks I’m overplanning, but it doesn’t feel like that to me because even if we don’t do the things I’ve read about, I like knowing more about the island and what it has to offer. (I’ll be sharing a special month in numbers Kauai edition in July as well as posts about our time there so be on the lookout for those toward the end of June.)

2 – Cute dancers’ year end showcase. With the end of school also comes the end of another year of dance for my kids. My son finished his 2nd year of hip hop and my daughter finished her 4th year of jazz/ballet. I love watching them grow as they learn more about dance, how their bodies move and what they’re capable of!

And that’s a wrap! Before you know it, I’ll be sharing another month in numbers post. If you’re interested in reading my other month in numbers posts, you can find them below:

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What’s something fun you did in April?

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