From chore BINGO to packing lists to punny animal bookmarks, I have you covered for a year of kids printables! The printables cover ages 3-12 so you’re sure to find one you can use.

From chore BINGO to packing lists to punny animal bookmarks, I have you covered for a year of kids printables!  The printables cover ages 3-12 so you're sure to find one you can use.

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How often do you find yourself getting on the computer to search for a printable to fulfill a specific need? I love creating printables for all types of reasons. And if I can help make your life easier or more fun with one of my printables, then I am happy to do it. Below you’ll find the top 10 printables created this year.

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10. Summer Book Tower Printable

Going into summer break, the number one request teachers make is to encourage your child to continue reading. Why? To avoid the all too common “summer slide”. According to, the summer slide is “the loss of academic skills that occurs when school is not in session and which is attributed largely to the lack of reading.” This book tower printable is a fun way to encourage your kids to read and keep track of how great they are doing!

9. Kindness Matters Word Search

Kindness takes many forms and this “kindness matters word search” is a great way to celebrate and encourage your kids to recognize it. This is a helpful resource for home and school. Plus it’s easy to print out multiple copies. You could use this word search in conjunction with Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17 and/or World Kindness Day on November 13.

8. Springtime Preschool Activity Pages

With a preschooler home most days, I wanted to give her some fun and simple springtime activity pages that she could enjoy. The caterpillar page helps with counting and coloring. The butterfly page is just fun to color. You could even add jeweled stickers! This file comes with both pages.

7. Kids Packing List Printable

How many times have you forgotten something for a trip because it wasn’t written down? This kids packing list printable will help prevent forgotten items and create a more stress-free experience. Whenever we go on a trip, I print one out for each of my kids, fill in the appropriate number of items needs and let them start packing. (Of course, don’t forget to double check their bags before heading out.)

6. Punny Animal Bookmarks

If I had a dollar for every book left out that one of my older kids are in the process of reading, I’d be rich! To encourage them to mark their place instead of turning the book over and bending the spine (*cringe*), I created these punny animal bookmarks. They are super easy to print out and if you want to make them last a little longer, you can also laminate them. Another fun idea is to include a few with a book for a gift.

5. Valentine’s Kids Jokes Decoding Activity

My kids absolutely love any kind of decoding activity. I’ve made both St. Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving versions so of course I had to make one for Valentine’s Day! These jokes are sure to put a smile on their, and your, faces. There are 3 jokes and a legend as part of the printable.

4. Chore BINGO Cards

As part of my 20 Ways to Make Chores Fun post, I created a set of chore BINGO cards. While we have a chore system in place, sometimes it helps to break it up with something different. We use these chore BINGO cards when we want to get a lot of different chores done quickly, like on a Saturday morning. Let the kids mark their completed chores off with a piece of candy they can eat when they are done!

3. 50+ Easy Snack Ideas

Why is it that even with a house full of food, my kids still ask “what can I have for a snack?” I got tired of it one day and made a list of 50+ snack ideas and stuck it up on the fridge. Now they know to check the list first before asking about what they can have to eat. I’ve also divided the snacks into 3 categories: vitamins, carbs and protein.

2. Harry Potter Patronus Fortune Teller

We are fans of Harry Potter in my house and my kids like to imagine what their patronus might be if they were part of the wizarding world. So I created this fun Harry Potter Patronus fortune teller for them to use. This would make a great craft for a Harry Potter themed birthday party (his birthday or someone else’s)!

1. Encanto Fortune Teller

Apparently fortune tellers were popular this year! My family really enjoyed the movie Encanto, especially my preschooler. I made her this Encanto fortune teller that she and her siblings could use to show which gift they would have. Just like with the Harry Potter fortune teller, this would make a fun and easy craft for a child’s birthday party. Print one off for each child to make and take home to see their own family’s gifts!

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