If you want some unique and creative Father’s Day gift ideas, look no further because I have seven great ideas that are perfect for the husband, dad or grandpa in your life.

If you want some unique and creative Father's Day gift ideas, I have 7 great ideas that are perfect for husbands, dads or grandpas.

Father’s Day is coming up in a few weeks and I’ve had gift ideas on the brain.  While giving my dad or husband a new shirt or tools is nice and useful, sometimes I like to try and be a little more creative and unique.

So I’ve done some thinking and asking and have put together a list of seven unique and creative Father’s Day gift ideas you might not have considered.  I hope they give you some ideas or at least a jumping off point for a gift for the guys in your life.

Personalized Tie from 21 Rhinos

Ties. Pretty much every dad has to wear one at some point. So why not make giving a basic gift a little more special by personalizing it? And I’m not talking about the ties with a picture of your kids faces all over it. You know, the kind that is funny but will get stuffed in the back of the closet, never to be worn again? No, no. I’m talking about the personalized ties from 21 Rhinos.

Choose from their ties (both regular and skinny) in a variety of colors and patterns. Then upload a picture, center it in the little triangle on the back of the tie and BOOM. They will print it out on the inside of the tie where your dad or husband can turn it over and look at it. A stylish and custom gift that he will be excited to wear year round.

Can’t find a tie you think he’ll love? They can even print out your chosen picture on special adhesive fabric that you can then add to any tie in his closet.

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Price range: $7-$40

Custom Drawing

Seven years ago, I had a custom sketch done of our family by Becca from Sketch of Life. To this day, it is still one of my favorite pieces of art we have around the house. This got me thinking: I’m sure there are dads, husbands and grandpas that would love a custom sketch! It could be of them doing something they love or maybe with their favorite pet. The possibilities are endless!

If this sounds like a gift that would be a good fit, start by choosing an artist that fits their personal style and preferences. There are so many talented artists out there! Many are on Etsy but you could also search on Instagram. Keep in mind that a custom gift like this takes time so order it sooner than later!

Price range: Varies by artist

Audio Book Subscription

The average person spends 26 minutes commuting to work each day.  Double that and you have 52 minutes of commuting time each day.  If you travel around for your job, that time increases. 

While my husband generally works from home, he enjoys listening to audiobooks when he is doing yard work, cleaning or other activities that don’t require a lot of attention. My dad is a self-employed electrician so he is always traveling to different places all around the valley, and sometimes out of state, to work.  You can bet he listens to audio books.

There are free audiobook options, but if waiting to get an audiobook isn’t their style, here are a few subscription services to consider:

  • Audible – Free 30 day trial available, then a monthly subscription that goes towards the purchase of books.
  • Libro.fm – Similar to Audible in price, but you can select an independent bookstore and they’ll share part of the profits from your membership with that bookstore.
  • Audiobooks.com – Also similar to Audible and LibroFm in that there is a monthly subscription that gives you credits towards purchasing books.
  • Everand (previously Scribd) – Subscription based, but instead of purchasing books you have unlimited listening to their large library of audiobooks.
  • Downpour – A little cheaper than other options and books can be rented instead of purchased.

Price range: $11.99/mo to $14.99/mo

Personalized Metal Wallet Insert

A few years ago, I stumbled on an Etsy listing for a personalized metal wallet insert. I bought it for my husband from our kids and he loved it. It is the shape and size of a credit card, so it easily fits in a wallet. I was able to choose the message that was engraved and the font. This would be such a cute gift to give to your husband, dad or grandpa and the customization makes it perfect.  You can find more listings by clicking HERE.

Price range: Varies

If you're tired of giving the same old gifts for Father's Day, click through to find 7 creative ideas he's sure to love.

Guys Night Out (or In)

When was the last time your guy had a night out with his friends?  If it’s been a while, consider helping him put together a guys night out (or in).  Time spent with their friends can help improve their mood and relieve stress.  You could suggest they watch a sporting event at your place or encourage them to get tickets to a local game, concert or other group activity.

Price range: Varies (depends on activity)

Grill Masters Club

Does your guy like grilling?  Trying out new rubs and sauces?  Then the Grill Masters Club subscription box would be a great gift!  Grill Masters is America’s #1 BBQ subscription box and for good reason. Each month they send out a new box with rubs, sauces, tips, tricks and recipes for grilling.  Make grilling more fun with a cool new guy’s subscription box he can receive for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.  You can find out more about it by clicking HERE.

Best Fathers Day Gifts, Fathers Day BBQ Gifts

If you really want to take it up a notch, grab a set of Grillight tongs and spatula to go with it. And if you are the crafty type, I have the perfect BBQ SVG file for you to put on a manly grilling apron.

Price range: starts at $41.99 per month (depends on subscription length) or you can buy one-time boxes and bundles.

Car Wash Kit, Car Wash Gift Card or Car Detailing

One year, my mom gave my husband a gift card with a handful of car washes on it.  My husband prefers to go through the car wash because it’s faster and they have vacuums. It was both a functional and thoughtful gift. Look into what your local car wash locations have to offer and you can take it from there.

Maybe your guy likes to wash the car himself? Another option would be to put together a car wash kit in a bucket.

Here’s what I would put in a car wash kit:

Or maybe they have a nice car that could use a good, thorough cleaning and detailing.  There are so many great options for companies that will come to your home for car detailing services.

Price range: Varies

Is there anything else you’d add to this list of unique and creative Father’s Day gift ideas?


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  1. Right on time!! I just posted on FB about how hard it has been figuring out what to send for Father's Day to my hubby and his soldiers who are deployed. This gives me some great ideas!

  2. I love how all your ideas are things that keep giving throughout the year! Subscriptions are the way to go. I think we struggle with father's day because guys aren't always big on holidays/gifts, which is why it's so important to make the day about what THEY want – not what we think they want 😉

  3. There is a subscription box for everything! I had no idea about the grill master's box. My husband would love that!

  4. I love your ideas… especially the grill masters subscription(I had no idea that was a thing!!) and the wallet insert <3

  5. I really need to get thinking of what I want to give my husband for our anniversary and for Father's Day!! Thanks for the ideas…

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