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3 Tips For Creating A Mom Friendly Wardrobe

I was talking to a friend the other day about the struggle of finding every day clothes to wear that fit our lives as stay at home moms.  Often the only excuse we have to dress up is when we go to church or if we happen to have a night out with friends or the ever elusive date night.  As I thought back on this conversation later that day, I realized that my wardrobe has changed quite a bit in the last six years since my oldest was born.  The clothes I wore to work were no longer comfortable for my new routines and responsibilities and so I’ve shifted to pants that are easy to move and play in and tops that stay in place when I bend over.  You’ve probably heard the term “mom-iform” (mom uniform).  More often than not it has a negative connotation because the assumption is that if you are in clothes that are easy to move around in, they are probably low on the style scale.  But I want to share some qualities you can look for in clothes that will help you stay stylish and on budget.

This post is sponsored by Simple Addiction.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

Easy To Move In
I’ll admit that many of my clothes prior to having kids fit closer to my body.  Considering I worked in an office and my activities didn’t involve chasing little people around all day, this makes sense.  But when I had my first baby and was nursing her, those clothes just didn’t cut it anymore.  And then she’d spit up on me and I’d have to change my shirt, or she’d use my clothes as a napkin or drool bib.  So over the last few years, I’ve found that while I fit into a certain size, if I size up, or look for clothes that are specifically marked as looser fitting, I’m a lot more likely to wear them on a regular basis.

Additionally, I’m moving around all day long.  Whether it’s because I’m getting down on the ground to play Legos with my kids, jumping on the trampoline or running errands and wrangling kids, I need clothes I can move in without fear that I’m going to expose myself unintentionally.  I recently got a few tops from Simple Addiction and they sure fit the bill on this one.  I like that I’m a slight step up from a plain t-shirt which helps me feel like I’m able to put a little more effort into my look that day without, you know, a lot of effort.

I love finding clothes that I can dress up or down depending on where I’m going.  For this reason, I’m totally going to endorse leggings.  The SA Exclusive Black Leggings I recently received in the mail are soooo soft, cost less than $8 and as far as I can tell, they aren’t see-through.  #winning  Leggings are obviously very easy to move around in, which is why so many women turn to them as part of their own “mom-iform”, but they can also be worn under longer shirts, tunics and dresses.  The tops that I mentioned receiving above are also very versatile and I can wear them with leggings, jeans or even a skirt.

Quality for A Great Price
When I was in college, I loved seeing how much I could buy for the least amount of money.  But now that I’m older, I’ve learned that spending a little more money on a quality piece of clothing that lasts more than a year is worthwhile too.  That being said, the bargain shopper in me is still alive and well, so I’ve learned to merge finding quality clothing at a great price.  Something unique about Simple Addiction is their Outfit in a Box.  They put together a coordinating set of 3 items (a combination of tops, bottoms and jewelry/accessories) and then offer it at a steal of a deal!  The Outfit in a Box that I received had a shirt, navy leggings and a sweatshirt for just under $35!  (The leggings are the same as the SA Exclusive Black Leggings I mentioned above, but in navy.)  I think the idea of putting an outfit together that you can purchase all at once is so smart and makes shopping so easy!  Because if you’ve ever had to drag your kids around the store with you while you’re shopping, you know that it’s not fun.

(pictured: Comfort Calls top and SA Exclusive Navy Leggings)

Whether your wardrobe just needs a little refreshing or a complete overhaul, I really believe that you’ll be able to find items that are true to your style, and lifestyle, by keeping these three tips in mind.

You can see a list of the items I received below with links to the ones currently available.  (Everything listed below cost less than $100 total including taxes and shipping!  The Outfit in a Box included the sweatshirt, navy leggings and Comfort Calls top.)

(pictured: Stay On Topic Top and SA Exclusive Black Leggings)

What is your typical “mom-iform”?


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  1. I am in the process of building my closet back up into clothes I can actually wear while I am not pregnant. After being pregnant back to back it has been difficult. This is very practical. Thanks!

  2. What a great program! I love having versatile choices that are easy and appropriate at home, as well as quick trips to the store, etc. You have a beautiful family!

  3. One of my biggest challenges is clothes that my younger son doesn't stretch out. He's weaning, and when he want to nurse he can get a bit… grabby. I have a few shirts with necklines that are quite indecent now…

  4. These are all really great tips! I love the Stay on Topic top in the last photo! I'm hoping to update my closet once I get in a little better shape after this babe and will definitely be following some of these tips!

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