Since having baby #3 a little over five weeks ago, it’s been quite a whirlwind and life is definitely more complicated with trying to manage everyone’s schedules (and the baby’s non-schedule) while still getting stuff done both around the house and outside the house.  Thankfully, there are some great products out there that will allow you to be more productive, help your baby get more sleep and give you peace of mind.  A few weeks ago, I shared some items that were on my wishlist for baby #3, including the DockATot, the Binxy Baby baby hammock and a swaddle from The Ollie World.  Since coming home from the hospital, all three of these products have been so helpful as we adjust to life as a family of five.

This post is sponsored by DockATot, Binxy Baby and The Ollie World.  All opinions are 100% mine.  This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  Thank you for your support!

DockATot: A Portable Baby Lounger
With four years between my new baby and next oldest child, it’s been a while since we’ve had to worry about everything that’s on the ground.  I remember simply laying a blanket out on the ground for the baby to lay on.  However, because my two older kids are much bigger and not always aware of their surroundings, having our DockATot has been so helpful.  I feel so much better knowing she is up off the ground and safe from little feet.  The weather has recently started warming up where I live and the warm and sunny days are coming so I know we’ll be taking our DockATot outside in our yard so I can be with all my kids.  Another thing I’ve really enjoyed is watching my kids interact with the baby while she’s in the DockATot.  Because of the shape and size, they are able to be near her without accidentally laying on her little arms or legs.

Binxy Baby: Shopping Cart Hammock
As much as I’d love to stay home all day and snuggle my sweet baby, I still have responsibilities around the home, as well as running errands.  I remember being really reluctant to go to the store with my first two kids because of the inconvenience of having to either push two carts or not be able to fit everything I needed in one cart.  So far, we’ve used our Binxy Baby hammock at our local grocery store, Target and Costco–all of which have different sized shopping carts.  I’ve been really impressed with the fact that the hammock attaches to all of the carts I’ve tried it on so far.  It takes me only a minute or so to clip it onto the cart, secure it, put the car seat on top and secure that as well.  I only have to push one shopping cart and I know my baby is safe.  As she grows, I’ll be able to leave the car seat in the car and simply let her lay in the hammock until she’s big enough to sit up in the seat.

The Ollie World: The Safer Swaddle
I’ve already shared about the value of swaddling your baby, having done it with both of my other kids.  One thing that’s different about the swaddle from The Ollie World is how it opens up at the bottom while still maintaining the swaddle on top.  This has been so helpful when we need to change our baby’s diaper, but don’t want to disrupt her by unswaddling her.  I also love that we will be able to use our swaddle for a long time without having to buy different sizes.  The way the swaddle has been made, it grows with your baby, saving money for us in the long run.  Plus, the material is so soft that if I need to swaddle her without clothes on (like in the summertime), I can do that without worrying about irritating her sensitive skin.

I’m so grateful to have these items to help with the transition from two to three kids!  Which of these items do you wish you’d had with your kids?


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  1. Hi Shani!

    I'm coming over from your post in our FB group (Andy Isom). I don't have a baby but I wanted to leave you a comment and let you know that you have a great blog! If you ever need help with growing your blog or have questions about things you're struggling with feel free to reach out to me! I'm happy to help however I can.

  2. I have heard nothing but rave reviews for the Doc a Tot. My little ones are too big for it now sadly, but we co-slept with both and this seems like a safer, better way to do that! Also, the swaddle blankets helped both of my babies sleep a lot longer through the night, which is worth its weight in gold!

  3. The car seat covers are a must! I just got a binxy baby hammock, and I wish I would have had it with my son! It saves so much space in the cart! Love it!

  4. I have that same carseat canopy! I really want a dockatot because I see it is the THING to have on a lot of mommy blogs, but the thing is I would need two because I am expecting twins. Maybe that will be a splurge after we get them here next month 🙂

  5. I wish I had a Dock-a-Tot when my little ones were babies. I've heard nothing but great things about them from newer mommas. I used to haul around this bassinette and we live on a 3 level home!

  6. They look like great products and I think they would have been very useful if we had been able to get them a few years ago here in the UK when our grandchildren were born.

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