Find more of the best craft supplies from the dollar store! They have so much to choose from for both kids crafts and crafts for you. Plus I share ways you can use each one!

Find more of the best craft supplies from the dollar store!  They have so much to choose from for both kids crafts and crafts for you.  Plus I share ways you can use each one!

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I love finding craft supplies at the dollar store. (Although technically they aren’t just a dollar anymore…) It’s a great place to buy inexpensive supplies for kids crafts as well as crafts that I like to make as well. On my most recent trip to the dollar store to buy my daughter a reward for filling her warm fuzzies jar, I found some awesome craft supplies that I wanted to share with you!

Obviously, it’s important to know that not all craft supplies shared below will be available in all dollar stores. (My local dollar store is the Dollar Tree.) But I would bet that you’ll be able to get a good variety of items you and your kids can use.

[10 Craft Supplies from the Dollar Store]

Clear Rubber Stamps

Over the last couple of years, I’ve started using clear rubber stamps in my projects. I’ve found them to be a great time saver for those projects where you just need a little something. You can use them on cards, wrapping paper, tags and more! The best way to use clear rubber stamps is to have clear stamping blocks, which you can purchase separately. They are reusable and take up less storage space than stamps that are permanently mounted.


While the quality of the yarn at the dollar store may not be what you want to knit or crochet something out of, it’s great for other projects. For example, I’ve used the yarn for making yarn pumpkins to decorate with in the fall. I have also used the yarn and wrapped it around a foam wreath form to add to seasonal decor. Another idea is to use it for teaching your kids macrame.

Nautical Rope

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get a beachy vibe, this nautical rope will come in handy! You can wrap it around candles, upcycle some empty food cans and pots. Or you can find one of the cheap metal buckets they often sell at the dollar store in the spring and wrap the rope around the top 1/3 of the bucket, put some flowers inside and stick it on your porch. (I have seen hot glue gun sticks at the dollar store as well to help with these projects.)

Foam Brushes

I don’t know about you but my brush of choice for many painting projects is a foam brush. I also use it when I’m applying Mod Podge, like on this notebook. The good news is that you can get a pack of 5 foam brushes from the dollar store! That means you don’t have to feel bad if you forgot to rinse them out before the paint dries and then have to throw them away. Buying foam brushes in bulk from the dollar store is great for group craft nights as well.

Stretched Canvas and Canvas Sheets

Have you ever wanted to try a new craft but don’t want to spend a lot of money buying all the supplies in case you don’t like it? I’ve seen so many different ways you can use a canvas, from paint pouring to melting crayons to get a drip design. You can also use canvas to make signs for your home, gifts for family members and more. Some of the canvas sheets come in multi-packs and there are many different sizes available.

Chalkboard Tags and Signs

Chalkboard signs and tags are such a convenient way to reuse the same thing in a different way. I have a large chalkboard sign in my house that I change up for different holidays, seasons and events. They are perfect for parties of all kinds. Additionally, the tags and labels make organization easy.

Chalk Markers

Going right along with chalkboard tags and signs, the dollar store also has chalk markers. When I was there, they had white as well as a few other colors. I can’t vouch for the quality, longevity or how easy they are to get off chalkboard tags and signs. But if you are only spending a few dollars for a small project, that may not be an issue for you.

Patterned and Solid Vinyl (removable and permanent)

I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of patterned and removable vinyl products they had at my local store. Each one came with one sheet that is 12″x48″ which is pretty big! Pair this vinyl with the wood signs and blanks they also have available and you could make a lot of fun projects! Again, I can’t vouch for the quality or how well the vinyl would work in your cutting machine, such as a Silhouette Cameo or Cricut. (However, I plan on trying it out and will update this post with my experience.)


Small rolls of fabric, patterned and solid, were also available near the vinyl. I could see these being useful for making fabric pumpkins using the foam pumpkins the dollar store often has in the fall. You could use them for making pillows or cutting designs out and putting an iron on backing on them for more durability before adding them to a pillow.

Wood Blanks and Signs

As mentioned above, the wood blanks and signs at the dollar store make seasonal and holiday decor so easy. The wood wasn’t too flimsy and you could definitely mount some of the more intricate or delicate designs on a backing of some kind. And because the wood is just a natural finish, you could also try staining it.

I hope seeing this list of some of the best dollar store craft supplies has gotten your creative juices flowing! If you’re still feeling stumped, hop over to my Dollar Store category and check out all the projects I’ve made using dollar store craft supplies.

Happy crafting!

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