We’ve been having some very un-winter like weather the last couple of weeks, which is probably why I was so drawn to the bright spring colors and decor at the dollar spot when I went to Target this last weekend.  (Although we do have a winter storm warning in effect right now, so my dreams of spring may get put on hold for a little bit longer.)  I love decorating for spring and have slowly been getting rid of my old decor and transitioning to pieces that are more my current style.  I love bright colors, as well as the flexibility to use different pieces over multiple seasons.  I can’t wait to officially start decorating for spring with these fun items.  And can you believe I scored them for less than $10?

If you’re new to the $10 at Target series, each month I join a group of bloggers who love Target and try to get out of the store spending $10 or less.  It’s been a really fun challenge and I’ve loved seeing what everyone is able to get within the $10 limit.  Here’s what I found this month: a wooden tray, a square framed canvas print and a small pink metal tin.

While the framed canvas with it’s happy “hello” is perfect for spring, I’m almost tempted to keep it out year round by finding a more permanent spot for it in my house.  The colors are bright and it could be cute in a bathroom or maybe the laundry room.  Until I decide for sure, I’ll be setting it up with the rest of my spring decor in about a month and a half.

The wooden tray caught my eye because I loved the cutouts on the sides.  I am thinking I may paint the outside edges white to match more of my existing decor.  Plus, it would make it really easy to use year round either with my seasonal/holiday decor, in my bathroom or possibly on the dresser in the bedroom.

Lastly, this cute pink metal tin was just perfect to pass up.  Again, I can use it throughout the spring and summer with my decor that I already have.  Another idea I have for it would be to get some of the green floral foam from the dollar store to put in the bottom and then buy or make some little pinwheels or flowers to stick inside.  So many options for such a simple piece!  I may have to go back to Target and grab a couple more in different colors.

So what caught your eye?  Do you have some other ideas for what you could do with the items I found?

As I mentioned above, this post is part of the $10 at Target series that takes place on the third Monday of each month.  The other co-hosts are listed below and you can see what they got at Target with their $10!  And if you want to join in next month, we’d love to have you link up!

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  1. I love Target and always hit up the $ section. I even love visiting Target stores when I’m out of town since items vary from store store. I like this challenge too 💕

  2. That framed canvas is so cute! And I almost bought that little wooden tray on a recent Target trip and now I'm kind of wishing I had. It could really serve so many purposes!

  3. I love that framed sign! Target has such cute decor and their $1 section is dangerous! I want it all! I love Target but my wallet says noooo! Lol. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Target has SO many good things in their dollar spot! But, I read your first paragraph and after seeing your InstaStories today I almost had to laugh… sorry Shani!

  5. I saw that picture today. Lol I ended up at Target twice today and both times i managed to take a spin around the dollar spot. I may just need to join this link up!

  6. That canvas is one of my favorite . The color is so inviting and so beautiful to look at.

  7. The non winter weather has been SO WEIRD this year but I'm glad we finally got a snow storm! (reading your bio I'm assuming you're in Utah too!) I am so going to try this challenge!!!

  8. I may say something that will shock everyone… but I've never been fond of Target! Maybe I dont know how to shop there because you found some super adorable stuff!! DEFINITELY FOLLOWING lol

  9. This is such a cool series! I can't believe you got all of that for just $10 at Target! Target is definitely going to be my go-to for spring cleaning and reorganizing.

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